Chapter 12 ~ Breakdowns + Charlotte

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~Jordyn's POV~


I stood with Joe, Josh, JoJo, Jonny and Jon as we waited for the bus to arrive at the arena.

We're heading down to Charlotte, North Carolina. where Friday Night Smackdown will be held.

Layla walked out of the back doors alongside Cody. I could feel Layla's eyes hit the back of my head but I just ignored her, how could she not tell me?

I folded my arms and spoke to Josh about tomorrow, seeing as it was an off-day.

"So you, me, Jonny and Joe are going to the gym in the morning?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yeah and then we'll go to Starbucks and meet Jon and JoJo."

He leaned in closer to me, hoping Jon wouldn't hear. "Why can't Jon go to the gym?"

I shrugged and sighed. "Don't know..."

The bus pulled up and a few cheers came from the WWE superstars that had been waiting for half an hour for the bus to arrive.

Marcus opened the doors and let out a heavy sigh. "Sorry guys, the bus broke down and we had to wait for the repairs guy to come out and see what was wrong with the bus. Anyways, get on the bus!"

I ran up to the doors and picked up my suitcase.

Suddenly a chant broke out.


He laughed as we all got on the bus, taking our assigned seats.

I sat down on seat 21 and put on my beats headphones.

Pulling my iPhone out of my pocket, I turned my music on.

I shut my eyes but didn't sleep.

Now Playing:

Katy Perry - Roar


I felt the chair next to me move but I didn't open my eyes until I felt the person nudge my arm.

I opened one eye and groaned.

Next to me sat Jon.

I scoffed in disbelief and sat up, repositioning myself.

He looked at me and let out a small smile.

I looked away and faced the window, turning up the volume of the music.

What a fun 8 hours, this bus ride will be.

I shut my eyes again and just listened to the music playing.

~Layla's POV~

I feel bad I didn't tell Jordyn sooner but I thought she would realise something wasn't right when I just went out to the ring and never got tagged in or never did singles match. She should have guessed something was wrong when creative and the directors of talent told her to be careful for my last singles match. In all honesty, Jordyn is being selfish and is only thinking about herself.

As I got on to the bus, I walked passed Jordyn as Jon sat next to her.

I sat down next to Cody and sighed.

He lifted my hand and kissed the back of my hand.

I let a smile creep onto my face before giving Cody a quick kiss on the lips before pulling a magazine out of my bag and opening it to a random page.

~Joes POV~

As I got on to the bus, I glared at Jon who sat next to Jordyn who stared at me then rolled his eyes.

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