Chapter 15

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After a well deserved sleep, I was awoken by the rattling of washing machines and tumble dryers. I was yet to have another episode of mental pain, what were they?


Delilah was not to know of what happened last night. I didn't know her well enough to expose my deepest secrets. Besides, she could've told anyone. I could've lost my job. We had been doing it for so long now, Louis and I. That's why the band decided to split.

Allegations had been made by many people about Louis and I. We all played it cool, like they were insane for thinking a boy band member could possibly be gay. That was until we decided to tell the band. They supported us and suggested it was best if we got away from the limelight. I was still unsure, at this moment, whether I liked boys, or girls, or both.

I couldn't love boys, surely not. Louis getting a job with Karen sure wasn't going to make my decision easier.

All deep thoughts aside, it was time for work. I decided to text Delilah, telling her to meet me outside Cara Inc. She replied shortly with 'okay' signing it off with an 'x'. Her small gesture brought a smile to my face, causing me to over think my reply a little too much. I decided against it, not texting her back; nothing else needed to be said.

I threw on a black shirt, leaving the top two buttons undone, and a pair of black jeans, ripped at the knees. My hair was slightly messy, but it would do. A quick spray of deodorant and I was ready to leave.

A black cab awaited me outside. The wind was bitter and musk, kind of like my deodorant. My scarf blew into my face several times, annoying me more and more each time. Slamming the car door shut, we quickly came out of stationary position and began our short journey to work, the driver and I. I never really spoke to him, only to thank him for dropping me off. Travel arrangements were organised by Karen. Anyone to do with Karen was no good in my eyes.

Pulling up outside Cara Inc, I noticed Delilah stood infront of the building, gazing into her journal. Her hair was tied back, the same as yesterday, in a sleek bun. A red dress hung tightly off her figure, boldly emphasizing her eyes. I thanked the driver with a vague nod before making my way towards Delilah.

Do I playfully scare her? Do I just cough shyly to bring her attention to me? All thoughts that processed through my mind at this time were all too thorough for my liking. I settled with just tapping her on the shoulder, the most professional way to bring her attention to me. 

"Oh hi." Her tone was elegant and bright, like her dress.

"Hey, you have a good sleep?" Why did I even ask that?

"Good thanks." It didn't surprise me that she didn't ask me back, it was a stupid question anyway.

"You ready for today?"

"Yep, what are we doing today?"

"Souly watching Louis for twelve hours. I know its a long time but knowing what he gets up to can really give us an incite to his work ethic. Messy house means unorganized work."

"Ah." She seemed truly intreeged.

I turned to face the car, pulling my arm out to direct her eyes to it. She walked infront, giving me a quick glimpse of a smile.

The journey didn't last long, neither did conversation. Delilah spent the whole journey glaring out the window. She sat contently clutching her bag. As the car pulled up in the car park we were at yesterday, a lump formed in my throat, remembering the attitude I used with her. I couldn't let that happen again; I was supposed to be professional, a boss.

"We're here again?" Her voice was quiet and sort of whispered.

"Yeah, he lives here?"

"I know, but won't he see us?"

"Not if we don't get out the car."

She fell silent and pulled out her journal to flick through. I pulled out Louis' files, causing her to drop her journal in her lap and move closer to peer at the files.

"He spends most of his time at home, apart from when he's at work." She continued her silence, just a bit close to me.

"We've got to just wait here to see if he comes out." I urged her to talk, the silence was eating me away.

"Won't we get bored?" Worry was clear in her voice.

Honestly, yes we probably would've got bored but a job is a job.

"Yep." I answered. She slumped down in her seat and began glaring out the window again. Joining her, leaning across slightly to peer up at the building, the atmosphere felt thick and uncomfortable. I hadn't noticed my hand was pushing quite hard on her thigh, supporting me. Pulling away urgently, she chuckled at my expense, loosening my tight shoulders.


I had literally been staring out this window for two straight hours. A few glaces were exchanged between Harry and I, however nothing more. I was beginning to think he didn't really feel anything towards me. I felt as though our friendship could grow to not just at work but today proved my optimism wrong.

The air was thick, the windows were foggy, I had to get some pure oxygen. I unfolded my palm to reach for the door handle, whilst unbuckling my set belt, when a large hand took ahold of my arm. Harry's face was in mine when I turned around, my cheeks turning crimson. A small strand of hair fell infront of my face; I pulled my arm from his grasp to tuck it behind my ear.

"Sorry, we just can't be spotted."

"I know, I just need some air." I was becoming desperate.

"I suppose it wouldn't harm to wind the windows down, just a bit." A small grin became visable from his features, but didn't last long in my sight as I turned urgently to open the window.

Cool air immediately travelled through my lungs. I slummed back into my seat, breathing freely. Harry was watching me, or the window. I would've preferred the first option, something about a man's attention drawn towards me really attacted me. The fact that they have nothing more important to look at; think about, other than you. My cheeks, yet again, began to burn.

Lost in the moment of being centre of attention, I quickly turned my head as the scrapping of a door sounded. Both mine and Harry's heads darted towards eachother, before returning our sights to whoever was leaving the building.

Out stepped an average height man, early twenties, dressed in a blue hoodie and grey tracksuit bottoms. His hunched back made him look vulnerable in the cold weather, making my insides awe at him secretly. His brown hair was swept to the side, the longer tuffs on the back of his head flicking out as they rested on the hood of the jumper.

He was a very handsome man, no denying it, and somewhat familiar.

Harry's voice interupted my thoughts as the man glanced over to the car, starring intensively through the window. Harry shouted almost, instructing me to close the window 'quickly'.

"C'mon!" he urged the driver. The driver was slow to pull away, clearly startled by Harry's tone, however picked up speed as we reached the main road outside the car park.

I remained quiet, unsure of how to handle Harry's second mood swing. A huff rippled over his bottom lip.

"Sorry." I felt the need to apologise, what a stupid idea. He kept quiet.

"Who was that?"

"Oh come on Delilah, your a bright girl." His tone was harsh and uncalled-for.

"Louis." His answer was flat. Blunt. I said nothing and kept my thoughts to myself.

I knew he looked familiar, he was in the band. How did I never notice? He worked for Karen? Oh. The same reason as Harry.

Harry didn't want to be seen working for Karen as he knew it would make things difficult Louis now working for her also. I still sensed uncovered secrets. Something was being hidden from me.

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