Chapter 13

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Tris's POV

I wasn't too fond of being the new girl. But mother said the school is accepting. I really am not sure about it, since mom dropped a grey jacket that zipped up to my neck and grey plain jeans on my bed. She said I need it when I'm going on my first day. I stated at her, but didn't say anything.

I really don't know what to think.

"Beatrice?" My mon puts her head in the door. "Get ready. I'm driving you." I sigh and stretch my legs off my bed. It isn't even light out yet, and the black-orange glows reflects against my bed. I try not to turn on any lights, letting my eyes adjust.

Finally, after I finish breakfast the sun comes out and so does Caleb. I used joke about how he never eats. Now we just sit in silence.

He has on tight grey clothes, similar to mine, and a frown. Personally Caleb has made a fool of himself in the grey clothes, but I suppose I don't look much prettier. I actually don't look quite pretty at all, no matter whatever euphemism Christina uses.

"Alright. Let us go." My mom said, sensing the tension. We got to the school, after a few miles in silence.

My mom bit her lip. "And some people are proper here... Just be careful."I walked to the office. Everything was cement and grey. I heard Caleb's muffled comment.

"Is this even considered a proper educational environment? The lack of coordination." He muttered, obviously miffed. I stifled my laugh.

Caleb walked up to a woman at one of the plain desks.

"Beatrice Prior and Caleb Prior, we are here for our newly-" Caleb started.

"- Yes. And you must be very selfish to speak when you are not asked to by your elders." The lady at the desk stated.

I opened my mouth to respond with some smart comment like "And you must be very selfish to even exist and dishonor my presence", but Caleb pinched my side very hard, and I snapped my mouth closed.

"Miss, may I ask a question?" I turned around, to see a girl who must have said, a smile playing on her face.

"Yes, Lisa."

"Mam, please, they don't know the rules." Lisa tried to not grin.

"Very well. I expect you to teach Beatrice the rules and guide her to her classes." Lisa smiled.

"Hey, I'm Lisa." Lisa took my arm, leaving Caleb with the lady. She had on grey clothes like mine, so I didn't feel so awkward. "Transfer? I was, too, last year, so I know how it is. I was at Dauntless High-"

"The super good sports school?" I said, before I could stop myself. I covered my mouth, my face red. I didn't want to loose the only person I knew here.

"It's okay. Yeah, Dauntless High. I was on the top softball team. My mom loved my career; but dad, well, not so much. He always had a grudge, but put up with it. But one day, I left halfway though dinner- and he kind of just, y'know, snapped. And I was shipped off here. I still can go over to the school on weekends to keep up my playing."

I stayed quiet after Lisa finished. We just walked down the plain halls. I struggled to say something.

"Is it always quiet?" I asked.

"Yes." Lisa sighed. "Don't draw attention to yourself."

I learned that in my first class, math. We had just finished the beginning of the year pre-test. One boy got 100%. I told him that was really good, but he just looked away, lips pressed tightly together. When I got with my partner for going though the flash cards, I said my name with a smile, but she looked away, afraid. I learned to shut my mouth.

"It's horrible." I said quietly to Lisa at lunch. "I haven't been able to not whisper all day." Lisa smiled, poking her chicken.

"You'll get used to it." She whispered. "Now, come on. We have science together."


L I |\| E B R E /\ K


The day finished, in a slow, painful manner. I did my homework, then rushed to spend time with Tobias, Christina and Marlene. That day evolved into a week, and a joyous weekend with a girls day Saturday, and brunch at Tobias's house, Sunday, where we made our own blueberry pancakes, and kissed.

"How was softball?" I muttered Monday, to Lisa.

"Tiring." She replied in the same hushed voice. "Coach had us do drills for our big game in two weeks. I mean, I like push ups, but eighty in a row?" I laughed silently. "How was yours?"

"Great. I spend Saturday with my friends and Sunday with my boyfriend." When I said boyfriend, I felt a thill of electricity. It was a happy feeling.

"Boyfriend?" Lisa's eyes widened considerably. "Oh wow. I never thought . . ."


We went to science, Lisa questioning me.


I sat down on a chair in the kitchen. My dad would be home any second, and he wanted to know about how I was doing so far.

"Such a busy day. There's a crash around the corner . . . Bea!" He relaxed at the sight of me. I hugged him. Then I heard my phone. It was Marlene.

"Tris tris!" Her voice was broken, and sirens wailed in the back. My face turned white.

"What?" I demanded.

"It's Uriah!" He was in a crash-" Marlene's voice was worried, her voice close to tears. That's all I needed to hear. I ran full out of the house, to just around the corner.

I almost collapsed. The reck of a scene stood on the corner. A car I didn't recognize was jammed into Uriah's. One ambulance was crowed with people I knew- Marlene, Christina, Will.

"Tris!" Will had come running toward me, since Marlene was crying into Christina's shirt. "Uriah- he was driving and a car hit- and he's in a coma. They don't know if he'll wake up." I froze.

"Oh. Oh, just let me see him." I said, grief taking my voice. The medics moved so I could see Uriah. Will trailed behind me. I stared at the emotionless face of my friend.

And then I heard voices, the police questioning two people. And I recognized one. My eyes went wide, as I tried to turn. One voice was stricken with grief, and one nervous.

I turned, and saw the two people.

Tobias and Nita.

He locked eyes with me, and they were filled with sadness. I jerked my head away, and turned the opposite direction, facing the houses that glowed against the sunset.

I wanted to run, sprint until my lungs failed and I couldn't see Tobias, but instead I sat down on the curb, and let the street consume me, no thoughts, just staring nowhere, as Marlene cried, and the sirens wailed.

I chocked back a sob.

(He's in a coma, not dead)

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