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It was already late and Ha Mi was still confused about her dress.

" Great snakes! I looked pretty there. Now, I'm looking like a bad ass. Wait, what should I do? I'll sleep forever."

Ravi called her-

"Where the hell are you? It is already late, you know you've been sleeping since an hour?!"

" How did you come to know that I was sleeping? Give me an hour."


"You want to see me as a joker or as Angelina Jolie?"

"I want to see you as yourself."

She blushed-

"I-I-give me 30 minutes."

"I'll be waiting."

"Bye babe."

"Bye Ravi"

Well ravi and Ha Mi couldn't live together as-

1. Ravi worked as a dance teacher for senior students, and the school was far enough.

and Ha Mi agreed, despite fighting with him.

But the main reason was LEE JUN YUNG. If Ravi stayed with Ha Mi, he would not see Jun Yung and that was bad for him.

The moment Ravi hung up, he called Jun Yung and said-

"My girl has 30 minutes to spend time with me"

" Coming. B-b-but only for 30 minutes?"

"I'm free after midnight."

"And the rest of it goes for Ha Mi, right?"

"Yes, sorry."

While one got late, he got another one knowing that what was done by him was totally wrong but still. But did he know what he was going FACE? And did he know his life would completely change?

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