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i show up to school the next morning and im already getting dirty looks shot at me from trinity and crystals little group. I struggled to finish the rest of the school day but I just had to fake

it to make it right?  The bell range for us to be dismissed and leave this hell hole. Dont get me wrong I dont hate school that much, I actualy get realy good grades but the only reason I dont want to come is because well, I get picked on a lot.

As you can probably tell. Anyways, I start walking swiftly to my locker because I had to hurry to meet up with my best friends  janelle, heather and haley. I was friends with these kids since we were babies. We're all  freshmens now and we are still like family. Especialy me and janelle. We practically live together. Speaking of living together, my step sister and step brother moved in along with my step dad in the 7th grade. I have a big brother already and now I have a little brother. Anyways I told the girls I had to pick something up from the gas station and I would meet them at janelles house. The good thing about walking home is that there is a pomegranet bush on the way home. ouch! I just felt a hard thump at the back of my head. I turned around and another pomagranet hit me. then another and another and another. I started to run and dodge the pomagranets and I finally ran inside janelles house and  into her room where the girls were. "where were you?"  "running and getting pelted with pomagranets at the same time."  "you have pomagranet seeds in your ha..." " I know." "ill help" janelle walked into the bathroom and I followed and I looked down at the clock and we had been picking pomagranet seeds out of my hair for  10 minutes now. "Im gonna go ahead and walk home" I said "i swear to god we will kick there ass whoever did this"they hugged me and i walked to my house and now im doing math homework. I heard my mom come home so I made dinner and took my dinner into my room. I finished about half of it and I felt disgusted. soo .. I purged. big deal. I already did it after lunch so I did it again. I hopped in the shower to wash out the remaining pomagranet juice. I scrubbed my shampoo into my hair then rinsed it out to condition it. I scrubbed the soap on my sticky body and focused on my neck and arms where most of the pomagranets hit me. I step my feet on the bathroom floor and I feel so much more clean. I walk into my room and tuck myself under my warm blankets on my bed and attempt to close my eyes and hopefully sleep.

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