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Bella’s Pov:

“Thanks a lot.” I smiled and took the two coffees out of her hand.

“No worries; have a good day.” The cashier said her farewells before turning to the next customer.

I left the small café and began my walk back to the house. I woke up surprisingly early today. It was around seven when I woke up, and instead of sleeping in, I decided I’d go for a walk, seeing that it was warm out, and go get a coffee for me and Austin.

My phone began to ring; I struggled at first seeing that my phone was in my back pocket and the coffees were in my hands but I came to my senses and placed the coffees on the floor. Still crouched, I grabbed my ringing phone out of my back pocket, until someone had knocked me from the back, causing my phone to land smack on the floor. “Oh shit, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there. I guess I was too distracted on my phone.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. I was in the middle of the walkway; how could you not have seen me? I picked up my phone from the ground, but the ringing had stopped. I sighed when I realised it was Austin who had tried calling me. Standing up, I turned around to have a go at the guy, but instead I stopped dead in my tracks.

The moment felt completely and utterly silent. The rush of realisation came crashing in, and I just took my last intake of breath. I didn’t know whether to panic or scream, or both. This wasn’t happening; I felt like turning my back and run away but I didn’t have the strength to move; I was overwhelmed. “Isabelle?” By now I would have cringed at the sound of my name, but I was still too shocked to even string words together.

My phone began to ring again, and this time I answered it, slowly bringing it up to my ear as I continued to stare at the person. “Bella? Hey, where are you?” It was Austin.

“I’m…I went to get a coffee for you.” I spoke slowly.

“I thought you went back home, to the other home because your box wasn’t in your room anymore but then when I went downstairs, I saw it-” I cut him off.

“Austin, let me call you back.” And with that, I hanged up and shoved my phone back into my pocket. “Brody…what are you doing here?” He went in for a hug, but I hesitated. “I thought you were in Australia.”

“I moved back here earlier this month.” He paused and stared at me, slightly smiling at the sight of me. “How are you? Wow, I can’t believe I bumped into you.”

“Yeah, I’m great.” I said sternly, slightly annoyed with him. I didn’t bother asking the question in return, instead I bent down to pick up the coffees that I almost forgot about and re-faced him again. “I have to go.” I turned around, but was halted by the sudden touch of his hand on my shoulder.

“Wait, we should catch up sometime. Maybe out for a lunch or something.” He smiled.

“Brody, we ended on a bad note, we stay on a bad note. There’s no way I’m ever-”

He pulled me in for an unexpected hug. “Please, just for a lunch. I want to catch up.” I felt slightly uncomfortable but I also felt bad. Times like this is where I would have pushed him off of me, but a part of me allowed him to stay. I was being soft; I forgive too easily, and that’s one part of me that I can’t control and I absolutely hate it. 

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