Lost and Found

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This is my very first book I wrote it 3 years ago.

Find out about Scarlet, her life, and amazing experiences 


    My Name is Scarlet; I was wondering how would you like it if you felt lost? I was only fourteen when I lost my mother. I am not like any other ordinary girl, I am a Rare Blood and can control the Elements, it is hard work but will I manage it? I have to cope with Drake, but will my luck change?

    My mum was beaten by my father, badly. I had never seen such a brutal thing in my life before. Until now that is.

    When Zak Night walked into my life and everything changed, I felt something connect between us. We Zinged but will it last forever?

   I’m Seventeen going on eighteen. How would you like to hear about my life story and my ups and downs during the time I was as a child?

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