New School, New Life

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I walked into my new school. I saw John standing there.

"Hey, kid."

"What did I say about calling me kid?"

"Geez, okay."

I bit my lip, wanting him to kiss me already.


"Yes, John?"

"Will you come to the New Year dance with me?" I was shocked. John had asked me to accompany him to a dance!

"Yeah. Alright. As what? A friend or something?"

"My, uh, my date?"

My smile had gotten wide, but never as wide as it was that day. I nodded my head kissed John's cheek. He turned his head quickly and pecked my lips. After he pulled away from the millisecond long kiss, I was disappointed. He must have seen it because he pulled my lips to his and kept them on mine for a while. Our lips moved in sync. Only three minutes until the bell, better make it count. I tried to pull away to smile, but after one second of smiling and taking a breath, he pulled me back in the kiss. The bell rang and we walked to our lockers, hand and hand.

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