Natasha and I have known each other from virtually year one of our existences.  She was my neighbour, we lived in one of the multi species communities, and my parents believed we should co-exist as I to believe.  There was a Vampire down the street called Isaac with his immortal partner Katya, they kept to themselves mainly but they did throw a magnificent Christmas party for the street. There were 4 human families, (not including ourselves).   The Tigg's and the Chang's were werewolves.   The Munroe's were a small family of dragon people, they like werewolves could transform, but into dragons.   Plus the Davidsons are a Sasquatch family.  

My mum was pregnant before she moved in; I was born in the house.  Mrs Munroe and Mrs Tiggs helped my mum as she went into labour.  She gave birth before she could get to the hospital.  Natasha was born six months later, Nat inherited her father dark brown skin and her mother's hazel eyes.   My mum told tales about how I and Natasha would play in the garden all the time.  We were barely separated; and whilst watching kids TV we'd fall asleep on each other.   As we grew up we went to school, both in primary and secondary.  

We hung out with each other mainly, school still had the usual clicks i.e. the sporty ones, the popular ones, the geeky ones, and freaky ones, etc.  We had our own group of misfits, made up of wolves, vampires, banshee, centaur, humans and a fairy.   Because of Khan the vampire we mainly hung indoors the glass in the place was all UV protected.  Being human put me at a disadvantage in the group I couldn't do cool things like telepathy, or change into creatures, or have strength or speed.  But my friends never teased me.   One night at a party we crashed, it was one of the popular kids parties,  Khan said to me in a drunken confession, that he was planning, when I get to thirty if he's still single and didn't have anyone he was going to make me his partner as I was hot and had great smelling blood.  Laughing it off  punching him in the arm for it.

"Ouch! What was that for?" he slurred.

"Well I love you as a friend Khan, and also why am I your last resort!?" I asked giving him a stern look.

"You're not last resort, hick, it's just I have to wait till my chosen one is thirty to change them, otherwise, hick, I don't get daddy's fortune," he stumbled his way through the words then kissed me. 

I'll admit our drunken kissing continued, and I did let Khan have a taste, totally illegal as agreed in the treaty.  But I was young, and we were drunk.  The next day at school was a little awkward at first, but we kind of kept a distance. Natasha wasn't happy at all when I told her.  She looked at me very disappointed and punched Khan in the face.  But we all stayed friends. 

I noticed one lunch time Natasha and Vance one of the wolves getting kind of close and were majorly flirting with one another.  They became an item that week, I joked that day as we walked home.

"You do realise you're going out with a wolf.   You're gonna get hair all over your clothes when you kiss! LOL".

"So, you kissed a vampire, and you let him suck on you," she whispered slightly frustrated.

"Ok, ok I'm sorry.  You and Vance make a lovely couple.  Just remember he's a wolf for life not just for secondary school", I teased a little.

Natasha looked at me rolling her eyes, and tutting displeased at my jokey comment. We then both giggled and linked arms and continuing on home.

That night I woke up suddenly in my bed, surrounded by my school books.  It was four am.  I had been trying to finish my night creature's homework, unsuccessfully.  I placed all the books on the wooden floor and slumped back into bed pulling the thick duvet around me.  I didn't bother to undress I was to weary.   Then I heard a call from outside; it sounded like help, but I wasn't sure.  I listened again.  I heard a call for help loud and clear in my head.  A pained howl resonated from outside just seconds later.  I was used to hearing werewolf calls but, this was different.  Then a voice in my head called my name. 

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