"Run! Don't look back!!" someone screamed at me. I started rushing through the woods. flying almost....I bump into something hard and fall back.

"Hello there Katherine." a deep voice spoke before grabbing me by my throat. he takes out a blade and I see the madness flash through his eyes before he plunges it into my chest...

I woke up screaming with beads of sweat clinging to my forehead. I look around to see I'm in a little cabin. I sit up taking in a long breath.

"Hello?" A girl's voice asks.

"In the bedroom." I speak out. I hear footsteps and a little girl walks inside.

"Hi mommy." she says to me.

"Dianna?" I ask astonished. She looks 13 now.

"Yea. It's me. I'm not supposed to be here but Harry sent me."

"Oh. Why?"

"He says you shouldn't trust Niall and Wanda." I stared at her eyes wide.

"What...why?" She shrugged her shoulder and sat on the bed with me.

"I want to do something with you today. Can we? We never do anything together." why did Harry say that....Why can't I trust them....

"Mom!!" I look at her and smile shaking off my thoughts.

"Sure sweetie. We can hang out. What do you want to do?"

"Well I haven't ate...Let's eat first!" she said smiling from ear to ear. I giggled and nodded. I stood up and put on some jeans and a black flowy top. Slipping on my flats I grab my little bookbag and walk out.

Dianna was standing outside wearing faded jeans and a purple tight shirt accompanied by a Jean jacket.

"Ooh la laa.... someone's got boobies now!" I chuckled pointing at her. She flushed red and hid her chest.

"Oh stop it mom!" She laughed along with me as we made our way to the roads.

"Wanna race?" Her eyes glistened and I smiled nodding my head.

"Okay....ready.... set.....Go!!!" I screeched. We both took off running as fast as we could. We reached the roads and she started panting.

"Guess we have a tie." I say laughing. She giggles and looks around the street. I see a taxi and I whistle for it to stop. He swerves and stops close to us.

"Where too?"

"The nearest Ihop please." He looked foward and started driving. Dianna  looked outside the window staring at the buildings pass by. He stopped and I payed him walking out.

"She looks just like you." He smiled before leaving. I chuckled to myself and Dianna ran in excited to be eating something new.

"How many?"

"2." The waitress smiled down at Dianna and led us to a table.

"My name is Mindy. I will be your waitress. Here is the menu. Do you know what you'd like to drink?"

"May I get some coffee." She wrote it down and looked at Dianna.

"And you sweetie?"

"Uhm do you have orange juice?" She nodded and left to go get our drinks. I looked through my menu and decided to get some blueberry pancakes. Dianna was still looking over her menu when Mindy acame back.

"sweetie what are you gettin?" she asked her. Dianna pointed at the chocolate chip pancakes and Mindy nodded. She left and we sat there with silence.

"OMG mommy Mom! Look who it is!!" some little girl said running you to our table.

"You are Katherine. Harry's girlfriend!! Can u sign my cast?" She asked lifting her arm.

"Shure But I'm not dating Harry dear. I'm dating Niall. Me and Harry are close friends though." She smiled and nodded her head. I signed my name and handed it back.

"Who is she?" she asked me pointing at Dianna.

"I am her da-"

"She is my little sister." I say cutting he off.

"awe" she says before walking off to her Mom.

"Sorry." Dianna said.

"it's Okai you didn't know. But in public your my little sister. Okai?" She nodded and we finally got our food. we scarfed it down and then I paid for it.

"Where do you want to go now?" I asked her.

"Well Harry said to meet him at Starbucks at 1:00 so we better hurry up since it's 12:40!" I was curious on what Harry wanted But I put it aside and nodded.

We reached Starbucks and there was Harry Sittin in a Booth by the back.

"Hey Harry!" Dianna yelled out. He looked over and smiled at us waving for us to come closer. She ran over to him and I slowly walked over afraid of hat he wanted to talk about.

"Hi Kat." 


"Showing that your here means that you decided to listen to Dianna's little message from me?"

"Yea. What did you mean though? I can't trust them. Why?"

"Dianna .go order some frappe's." He said ushering her to the line before answering my question.

"I don't think that's really Niall...."

"Why? And what about Wanda?"

"Well it could be Sandra and I'm not just pulling this from the top of my head. I have evidence."

"Like what?" 

"Well, when you were asleep I heard noises coming from the basement so I went there and I saw "Wanda" under the covers with Niall....but then he said, 'Oh Sandra baby I love you'." Tears welled up in my eyes from what I just had heard. Harry came to my seat and hugged me wiping away the tears. I silently sobbed on his shoulder as he cooed in my ear rubbing my back.

"Well uhm, is there a possiblity that he isn't Niall?" I asked rubbing my eyes

"Yea I thought of that. Remember when Niall uhm killed you?" I nodded and he continued.

"Well I believe he is still in that state."

"No he couldn't. He seemed so changed plus that was only temporary because our love broke his connection with Seraphina." Harry rubbed his chin and thought it over.

"I got it."


"Niall isn't Niall, he is a shapechanger. Niall is somewhere."

"But where."

"That's what we are gonna find out."


Yall probably wanna killl me :( i know i took long but i had writers block and omg i am piled with homework and on the weekends I am either with my boyfriend or at my dads! But anywho I will TRY to post more often but yea hope chu like it! So tell me how's lyfe? School? anything new >;)

Bye babes!!! 

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