A Gangsta's Wife

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Hey Guyyyss : ) Thanks For Reading The Very FIRST Yes I Said First Book Of " A Gangsta's Wife " This Is My First Time Ever Writing A Book But Trust Me Loves We Boutta Get It CRAKENN So Put Down The T.V Remotes , Put The Kids To Sleep , Let Yo Nigga Go Hang Wit His Boys , & Grab Some Popcorn & Hop Yo Ass On The Couch & Get Ready To Start Reading How It Is To Be " A Gangsta's Wife " ✔.. LEGGO !

( Oh yeah I'm Doing All My Stories On My Phone So If Is Looks Kinda Weird I DON'T GIVE A FUCK Deal Wit It ^_^ )

Chapter One

I'm Ka'Raya Williams But Everybody Calls Me " Raya " I'm 17 Years Old , About 5'3 , Hazel eyes , Carmel Skin , Dimples In Both Of My Cheeks I Got The Most Fattest Ass That Makes The Niggas Hard Instantly I Got Nice Size Boobs My Hair Is To The Middle Of My Back And I Got A Beautiful Face That Bitches Haten Like Crazy.

I Also Have An Older Brother Name Kyree And A Twin Sister Name Ka'reeah , Well Talk About Them Later Back To Me. I Live With My Mother And Father They Both Have Good Jobs So Me , My Brother & Sister Never Worried About Anything Growing Up.

I Have Three Best Friends .. Leah , Nicole , And Breanna If You Ain't Them Then FUCK YOU We Screaming NO NEW FRIENDS * In Drakes Voice * We All Been Rocking Since Elementary School , We Know Everything About Each other We Like Sisters. But Enough About This Let's Begin!

- Raya's POV -

* I Like Smoking Weed , I Like Getting Fly , I Like Having Sex , I Like Girls Who Ride , I Like My Cup Full , I Like Turnin Up TURN UP , I Like Brand New Shit So This Is What I Love , I Like That Money Baby Money Baby Money Baby *

5 O'clock In The Morning

K - Camp Money Baby Blasted Through My Phone As My Alarm Went Off " Ughhh First Day Of School What The Fuck " I Said To Myself. I Got Out Of Bed And Went To Take A Quick Shower I Got Out Did My Hygiene Thing Wrapped My Towel Around Me And Head Back To My Room.

On My Way To My Room I Decided To Stop By Reeah's Bedroom And Wake Her Up " REEAH! " I Yelled " Bitch What The Fuck Do You Want ? Its Only - " She Looks At Her Phone " 5:00 In The Fucking Morning And Yo Retarted Ass In MY Room Yelling Like You Somebody's Mamma " She Said Angrily ".

Bitch I Was Just Tranna Wake Yo Stankinn Ass Up For School But Just Keep Yo Ragady Ass Right Were The Fuck You At I Hope You Tell Dad A Good Excuse Ass To Why Yo Ass Aint At School On The First Day " I Said Then Turned Around To Leave " Whatever " I Heard Her Say As I Headed To My Room.

- Reeah's POV -

I Woke Up To This Bitch Raya Screaming In My Room , She The Only Teenager I Know Thats Happy About Going To School.

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