2 - boys are home

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Julie's p.o.v

"WAKE UP EVERYONE THE BOYS ARE COMING!!" I screamed in the quiet house I run in the first room I see which is Diana's I start jumping in her bed
"ugh go away I'm trying to sleep" "BUT THE BOYS ARE COMING" I run out of her room and run into Michelle's room and start jumping on her bed and screaming
"WAKE UP THE BOYS ARE COMING" I scream once again
"go away the boys are not coming until later" michelle says
"what time is it" she asks "6:30" I answer
"ugh you wake up so early"
"whatever" I get out of her room and keep screaming and running around the house I go into my room and change I put on a sweater that is blue with a white bow on it and says hugs and kisses and black leggings and my tan ugg boots and go down stairs and start making breakfast Michelle comes down stairs in a Mickey Mouse sweater and black leggings and her grey uggs "hey whatcha making" she asks
"pancakes" I say back
"can I help you with some thing" she asks
"yea make some tea"
"kk" just then Diana walks down stairs in a pink sweater and white leggings and some uggs it was winter right now so that's why everyone was wearing a sweater
"good morning I tried falling back asleep but because of Julie I couldn't" she say "you welcome" I say
"so what time are the boys coming?" Diana asks "around 7:30" Michelle answers
"we should probably wake up the rest of the girls"
"I'll go" I say I walk upstairs and walk into Fatima's room "WAKE UP"
"ok I'm up"
"Hurry up if you want to go pick up the boys"
"ok ok" I walk out and walk in Abby's room "wake up"
"I'm up I heard you screaming"she say
"we'll I am pretty loud" I say proudly
"you think" she says to me
"hurry up and get ready" I walk back down stairs and go out side were Diana and Michelle are waiting
"are they coming it already 7" Diana asks "yea there getting ready"
"here they come" Diana says I turn around and see the two girls running Abby jumps in and seat in the passenger seat and Fatima in the drivers seat and we drive to the airport.

Zayns p.o.v

Right now we were on the plane I can't believe we're finally on break from tour and I can't wait for Christmas it going to be epic. I can't wait to see the girls especially Julie I had have a crush on her for awhile she doesn't know it and I bet she doesn't like me back. what I think is weird is that all of us boys have a crush on one of the girls like Niall likes Michelle , Harry likes Diana , Liam likes Abby , I like Julie , and Louis likes Fatima but there all ready dating.
"thinking" Niall comes up to me
"yea I really miss Julie" I say
"yea I miss Michelle" he says
"WE ARE HERE" Lou yells
"yeah now get your stuff" Liam said we wait awhile and get ready to land.

Julie's p.o.v

"Do you see them" I ask
"nope but they should be here" Abby answers
"I'm going to text Zayn to ask him" I say
"ok" I grab my phone from my purse and text zayn

Julie: are you guys here yet ? If you are we're are u guys

Zayn: we're by the entrance were are u girls?

Julie: are you guys by fans? lol

Zayn: yea

Julie: kk were on our way

"Ok there by the entrance but there crowed by fans"
"of course"
"come stop wasting time lets go" Fatima says
"Fatima you just want to see your boyfriend"
"and you guys want to see your crushes so stop talking but hurry" she says back with that we went running to the entrance "there they are !!!" I point to them
"lets scare them" michelle says "ok" we walk up behind and scream
"AHH" they scream "hi"
"hey you gave me a heart attack" zayn says in his adorable accent
"that was the point" diana says we all hug the boys and walk to the car once were there we hope off and run inside "FINALLY HOME" zayn yells I smile I wish he knew.

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