Chapter 3

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I was now at my car waiting for my secretary to buy me some coffee at the Starbucks, we were from the Hassint Company, my friend, Keith works there as the CEO, we had a bit chat and he also heard Katherine was back, obviously it came from her secretary which is Irishia.

I was looking at the door of the Starbucks when I noticed a familiar face at the cashier then walked at the door, when the door opened.

I saw her with the twins.

Wow.. She always look beautiful and gorgeous but then when I saw her now today she's even more beautiful and gorgeous, even with my kids. Since the car is heavily tinted, I can stare at her, she stopped because I think she felt someone stare at her then he look at the glass of my car then she raised her eyebrow and then the kids were jumping in front of her. She came back to reality then walked at the Range Rove beside ours. The kids climbed in and the rover started and backed at the parking lot and drove out.

I smiled to myself.

Baby were gonna meet soon.


I was driving home with the kids from buying what they want, money isn't a problem to me because I have money and fame. It was weird when I was in the parking lot because I felt someone stating at me.

“And we danced all night to the Best Song Ever!" The twins shouted, yeah, they're in a fandom named Directioners and they're fanboying or fangirling over this British-Irish boy band named One Direction, kids these days.

“Darlings, you can sing but don't shout okay?"

“Yes Mom" they said, I smiled and made a turn so that we can go to the underground parking lot.


“Daniel, Daniella, your ice cream and donuts are ready!" I shouted and heard some stomps of foots, seconds later the kids ran to their chair and grabbed some donuts and ice cream.

I walked where they were from obviously from the living room, so they were watching. I look at the TV and saw this boy named Louis Tomlinson, let me guess, One Direction again.

“Darlings, are you watching One Direction again?"

“Yes Mom!" They both shouted, they really got that what they say? One Direction Infection? Kids..

“Mom were done now, we've put the ice cream cups and spoon at the sink for you to wash it and the donuts, well we put it at the refrigerator" Daniel said

“Good, you go continue One Direction and Ill wash the things you've used" They nod and ran back to the sofa. Good thing I have learn them some manners.

I walked in the kitchen to wash the dishes when my phone rang, not seeing the caller ID, I answered it.

“Katherine Jewel Thirlwall"

“Hey baby" I froze, I recognize that voice, I look at the twins who was busy watching so I ran to my room.

“Z-Zach?" I stuttered out

“Baby, I'm surprise you still remember my voice" He said seductively

“What do you want?" I asked

“Well obviously you and the twins" I gasped, how did he know?

“Y-you know?"

“Obviously" he said with some sarcastic on his voice, rude

“Shut Up"

“I won't till I get you, see you baby" And the call ended, I'm shaking, he'll get us, wait, he didn't know our address so he won't find u-- wait again, if he knows my number, he also know where I live.

Aw shit this is not good.


I chuckled deeply, I'm in my unit now, thinking how am I gonna get the twins feelings, so it would be easy for me to get them.

Aha! I get it now.

Prepare baby, I'm gonna get you.


I overheard Mom talking to someone, and I was wishing its my Dad because she's stuttering, I wanna see how my Dad looks like!

“Psst, Daniella"

“Yeah?" She asked

“I overheard Mom speaking to someone, I wish it was Dad."


“Darlings its 9 now, take a bath and go to sleep"

“Yes Mom" And then me and Daniella walked to our own rooms, were big already so no need to Mom helped us to wash and wear, like the other kids, who needs Nanny to help them. Pshh.

I washed and take a brush for my teeth, after brushing, I walked to my walked in closet and found my briefs, pajama and jersey with my onesie, looks like Mom prepared this. I wore it and turned off the lights as same as the lamplight and slept going to my Cars and Sports Dream Land. Well let's add One Direction too and M'not even gay!!

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