What Naruto taught me

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As a kid, I have watched all sorts of tv shows and they show us all sorts of lessons that we're suppose to learn. Honestly, I haven't learned anything until I discovered Naruto when I was in 5th grade and right now, I'm a senior in highschool.

I discovered this show when I was a kid and many things caught my attention but there was so many things that I learned from this show. Many people ask me why? Why do you like Naruto out of all anime's ?

Well, one it seriously taught me how to always in believe in yourself no matter what the situation and even when all the odds are against you. That's what Naruto taught me when he constantly talked about his dreams for the future, everyone just laughed at him, and he worked very hard to prove them wrong.

And honestly, thanks to that little life lesson, I believed in myself when nobody believed in me, and I ended up proving those wrong.

There are many other Naruto characters taught me a lot and thanks to the show, I have gone so far in life.

Comment below and tell me what Naruto taught you. Which character taught you and did you looked up to them?

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