Man My Memory SUCKS

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It was finally time. We crawled out of the basement and she locked the door behind her while I turned on all the lights. I unlocked the door and put on the open sign. I grabbed my waitress outfit and started putting all the little ketchup bottles on the tables with salt and pepper. Once I finished that I got behind the cash register and waited for the first person. A man with a thick beard came in. He was drenched from the rain outside.  He came to the bar table and asked my friend… GOD WHAT WAS HER NAME!!?? I live with her now and I have already forgotten it. YOUR KI… Oh it was Jessie. Ok so Jessie, took his order of two straight up scotch shots with one beer. I’m thinking, HOLY CRAP! Is this guy high or something? He is probably going to be the one we drink out of tonight. SO, anyways, once he got his drinks he took down the shots and started drinking his beer slowly. Soon a whole crew of hunters came in cheering and applauding. They must have gotten, “sniff sniff”, a grizzly. I have a really good scence of smell and I can still smell the wet fur on their jackets. They all sat on the other end of the bar where my station was. One of them looked at me and said “HEY babe you need a ride home?” “No thank you, what would you like to order?” “Umm I got everyone ok darlin, ok so my buddy Joe here will have a beer, Mike will take an apple martini fancy sun of bitch, and I will take a beer.” I wrote it down and turned to start getting the drinks ready. He started to ask me personal questions and one was, “You have a boyfriend darlin?” I had to lie or I might have to get my defences up. “Yes.” “Well you wanna dump that tool?” “No.” “Wanna hang with me?” “No.” the boys did the annoying oooooohh sound. “Well if your not gonna come then I’m gonna…” Jessie came over looking deadly and said, “Is there a problem here honey?” I know she was making me seem lesbo, but she is saving my life. “Nothin, its nothin well go now.” They walked out of the bar chatting and laughing. “Thanks Jess.” “Its ok, do you think I was goin to let you walk out of this bar with them, No way!” we giggled. A woman walked in she looked lost. So I offered to help “Mam are you ok?” Jessie asked. “No… I’m fine…” There was silence as she walked over to the counter. “What would you like to eat or drink?” “Can I have a burger to go?” “Sure.” She was carrying a lot of bags but she got her burger to go. I asked as she was heading out the door. “Mam do you need help with your bags?” “No thank you I got it.” “Oh… ok.” Jessie and I looked at each other then looked at the woman exit the bar. And climb into her car. “Why do you think she brought her bags inside when she was getting a burger to go?” Jessie asked me. “I have no clue.” We looked out the window to make sure she was ok driving. She seemed fine, so I went to the back to wake up our cook. He always slept in the freezer because he LOVES the cold. When I opened the freezer I saw him in his cook hat and his cook apron. He was on a giant box of ground meat. I yelled “WAKE UP NATHAN!” That was his name, he had short black wavy hair that held still because it was frozen all the time. He was tall… like REALLY tall. He used to be a basketball player and he’s Jessie’s brother. The only difference between girl and boy vampires is that girls have longer and sharper fangs and boys can turn into bats. Nathan learned to control his emotions so he can trigger his bat side when he wants. Lucky, but I guess he’s cute… in an obnoxious irritating way. He would try to bee seen so he can sneak girls in the back and …you know… have fun. But then he would drink their blood. He never told me his story, I never knew why, but I guess it was too painful for him. Poor lost soul. Jessie never told me her story either, I wonder how a basketball player got bitten. I understand Jessie because she is the hard core hangin around the hood cool girl type. Her brother was sweet, when he wasn’t drinking blood and he is the nice guy type. I wonder, oh well I’ll probably never know. But I think Nathan likes me because when Jessie isn’t looking he winks at me every time and he tries to get me alone all the time. But I spend my time with Jessie and she is like a hawk. Literally she has the best sight in this whole bar. I think Jessie said that I might have the best speed but I cant tell because Jessie, like my mother, would tell me not to go out. I stay alive thanks to her rules and I am grateful for her being so worried but I am in human years 23 years old but in vampire years I am well not as old as Nathan and Jessie but I think I should be about 56 years old. Nathan is 456 and Jessie is 457. Nathan I think bit Jessie because she 1 always wanted to be a vampire and 2 he couldn’t leave his little sister all alone. He can be sweet but he had given her an eternity of unsatisfied hunger. But we did look up on the Internet a vampire myth, it says that, one vampire will free all the vampires from their misery and free their lost souls from the darkness. I thought that that was a bunch of bullshit but Jessie and Nathan were all like, omg I can’t wait till this prophecy comes true and I wonder who the person will be. I don’t want to hurt their feelings by telling them that people just post those myths to scare or get people excited about things that will never happen. I don’t like thinking like this but you know I have had a rough.

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