Self-made prompt: Zayn has been going through a lot of personal issues with his family, things that have him overwhelmed, that have him coming to school with bags under his eyes, with hollow yet pain filled eyes. He hardly gets to spend any time with his boyfriend, never being able to go out on dates, talk to him because things at home are becoming so hectic, chaotic, that all he can focus on is taking care of his family. Zayn assumes that with neglecting him and their relationship, Justin is going to break up with him and tell him that he's sick and tired of this shit. But Justin is far more understanding than Zayn gives him credit for.


Partially inspired by one of my favorite songs, The Living Proof by Mary J. Blige. It's a must listen. x





Zayn walks in through the university hallway, sporting absolutely nothing but a pair of Aeropostle sweats with a graphic tee shirt, one that he picked off the top of his clean clothes pile and he was currently wearing a pair of mismatching socks with his Nike sports sandals.

He looked anything but presentable. His hair was matted, uncombed and tousled. He hasn't had the chance to properly shave let alone get his monthly trim. His eyes were exhausted from staying up and attempting to do his homework, to complete the assigned reading and to write those dreaded essays.

Zayn Malik three weeks ago wouldn't have been caught dead wearing his lounging wear around campus especially with his newly crowned boyfriend having a lecture just down the way of the main lecture hall. He pried himself in looking good, no matter where he went. He always had his hair styled to perfection, his facial hair was always nicely groomed and he always smelled delicious.

But with this bomb dropped on his shoulder, having to step up and be the man of the house in this time of absolute craziness and struggle; he didn't have the time to care about his looks. He didn't even have the energy.

As he rushed to his early afternoon class, he slid into whatever available seat there was and plopped himself into the seat. The moment he felt the soft seats, his eyes grew heavy almost instantaneously. His entire body was rigid with stress, his phone was stuffed into his sweat pocket and he was prepared to run out of the lecture if he had to. He was always one to put family first.

He bit down on his lip, the tears slowly beginning to creep back up on him. He's been so stressed, so overwhelmed and preoccupied that he didn't even have time to feel a damn thing. He wasn't able to sit down and feel any of the emotions that he was experiencing, because he was instantly thrown into something else and his brain was far too busy trying to come up with a solution and to make sure his sisters were alright. He was so on edge, flinching whenever he heard a cell phone go off or whenever he heard the obnoxiously voluminous sound of a siren.

"Mr. Malik, what is your opinion on this week's assigned reading? Do you believe the protagonist has made any sort of progress mentally or physically? Do you believe he is progressing into who he wants to be or who society wants him to be? Do you believe that he is a maverick or a conformist?"

Zayn's head snapped upward to be met with his middle-aged patronizing professor, her eyes held impatience and disinterest in the man before her. She just wanted him to either answer or stutter out a complete bullshit answer so she could move on with her uninteresting life.

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