Chapter 15 - And The Help Starts.

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Nicoles POV-

I paused thinking about what he said, replaying what he said in my mind a million times. My thoughts were cut off by Alex.

"Nicole I know its-" He stopped

"Okay, We'll try." I said breathing out heavily.

"Really?" He asked surprised.

"Yeah.." I said trailing off to my thoughts.

And we drove home in silence.

Since my parents are never home and Rosalie was there alone We both decided it was better to go to my house. And Ana doesn't mind as long as we check in with her every 2 to 3 hours.

As I got out the car ran to the passengers side opening the door for Alex and grabbing his crutches.

I got him up slowly and I put his arm around my shoulders.

He looked me in my eyes and smiled.

"Hey there."

I smiled and blushed.

"Good going Alex always so smooth." i stated

He winked at me "You know it babe."

As I walked opened the door We see its dark the all of a sudden we here

Surprise! Welcome Home!

It was Rosalie and Leon, Figured they would do something like this.

"Do you like it?" Rosalie asked

"We both made it" Leon confirmed.

"We love it" Alex and I said together.

Well guys we'll be upstairs so he can get better okay?" I stated.

"Okay No funny stuff you guys." Rosalie said suspiciously.

"Yeah yeah yeah." I mumbled.

2 hours later Alex was asleep getting the rest he needs so I decided to relax down stairs.

As I was sitting on the couch I was thinking about something..

The question Alex asked me... I know it hurts.. I'm just not sure if I'm ready.. I'm so nervous. but some reason I feel like I'm ready. Ready to try with the one I love

As I kept thinking I eventually fell asleep still with my thoughts in my head.

What am I going to do?

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