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As of June 27th, I will unfortunately have to take down most of this story.


Wait-wait! It is bittersweet. Why, you ask? Well, 'From the Ash' is now officially published! So, a sample of this story will remain. If it peeks your interest, you will be able to purchase it from the link below. Every single one of you that have given this story a chance, this happened BECAUSE OF YOU. Ladies and gentlemen, you are the reason one of my dreams have become a reality. I will forever be eternally grateful. I will never, ever leave Wattpad. Please, if you end up buying a copy, send me a message so I can thank you. Also, a review is what is going to be the driving force behind From the Ash's success. Hey, even if you don't like it, that's okay. Just for giving this story a chance, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. 


P.S. The version remaining on Wattpad is UNEDITED.


Remember, if you enjoy it, leave a review!

I dance for reviews...and cookies. Hmm, cookies...

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