Bad Move

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*bailey's pov. *

Oh my fucking gosh! I though they wouldn't come but I was wrong! I looked at them and they smiled evilly at me. I gave Carl's a nudge on her arm. She looked at me confused.

"Look to your left. " I ordered.

Her eyes got wide and she let out a small gasp.

" Time to run Carl's. " I said.

She nodded her head. We turned to our right and walked away casually then ran. I heard heavy footsteps run after me. I turned to look at Carl's but it was to late, she was trapped.

I turned around and saw Paul running to me. I didn't know what to do. Help my best friend or run away because of Paul. Ah! I will save my best friend.

As I turned the other way, I got tackled by Paul. Jay and Paul looked at me then Carl's. We let out a sigh and struggled to get away from their grips. Very strong grips may I add.

"Let us go! " I managed out.

Paul shook his head. Jay just looked at me with a furious expression. What?

" What's wrong Jay? " Paul asked.

" Yea. What's wrong? " I said in a innocent voice.

Jay picked up Carl's while Paul did the same with me.

" You." Jay pointed at me.

He came closer to me but Paul put be behind him. Awe, isn't that romantic? Note sarcasm.

"Don't you dare lay a finger on my mate Jay. " Paul said angrily.

Jay punched Paul in the face. Carl's looked at me desperately. Now I was confused. I didn't know what to do this time. Let Jay keep hitting Paul or helping Carl's and I escape again?

" What do we do? " Carl's asked.

" Do you want to run or help? " I asked.

" Help? " she questioned

" Okay, first, distract Jay and I will try to get Paul out of there. "

We nodded and split up. I pushed Jay away with all my might which only lead me on the floor with a bloody nose. I heard Paul scream. Next thing I now is that I got hit by Jay and it lead me to a black out.


*Carl's pov. *

I looked at bailey's body. Then at Jay. He looked shocked but it vanished as quickly. He looked around his eyes landing on me then Paul.

I ran over to Paul and gave him a sorry expression. He cried into my chest.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM CARL'S! " I heard Jay scream.

" Please, don't leave Carl's. I don't know what to do. Help. " Paul begged.

I probably looked helpless because I was. Jay walked over to me with angry steps. I shook my head and got to my feet.

" Why Jay? After telling you I didn't want to see your sorry ass anymore, you come and look for me? Why? I don't like you and I will never. Because of you, my best friend is knocked out and you hurt Paul. "

" Why do you care if Paul is hurt? You are supposed to care about me. "

" Maybe it's because my best friend is knocked out and you hurt her mate. I know how much it means to Bailey that the person she loves is safe. That is why she stepped in to stop you but you had to injure her like you injured Paul and most importantly me. I don't want to see you ever again so just go. "

I grabbed my phone and dialed a number of a wolf doctor. I knew their were wolf's here and I needed one right away. The humans here won't be a help.

They will think they are already dead so what's the use to call humans?

" Hello? Yes, I need help right away. I'm at the mall. Please hurry up and come I have two injured friends. Okay, see you then. "

Jay turns me around and looks at me. I push him away with all my might but he only moves three feet away.

" I'm so sorry Carl's. I didn't know what happened. My wolf took over and I just wanted you to be safe. I know I hurt you but I just-"

"I don't care for your apology Jay. If you were sorry, you wouldn't have been here. If it wasn't for you, this whole thing wouldn't have happened. Thanks a lot Jay. "

He comes closer but I step away. As soon as he was about to speak, the Wolf doctors come. I tell them what happened.

" Can I come with you guys? " I asked.

They nod their heads with a sad smile. I thank them and sat next to Bailey. Jay looked at me with a sad, hurt expression. I ignored him. The doors closed. We took off to the Wolf hospital.

*Jays pov. *

What have I done? I hurt her best friend. I hurt my best friend. And most importantly, I hurt my mate. My precious mate. I hurt her feelings.

I'm such an asshole! Carl's was right, if I didn't come, this wouldn't have happened. Everything that I have done was my fault.

We messed up big time Jay.

My wolf howled in pain. I agreed with him. I followed the hospital truck and thought about what I was going to say when they wake up next time. If they will ever wake up.


I don't know about you guys but this chapter made me cry a little. It was kinda, sorta sad but at the same time it had drama in it.





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