R5 Meet Up

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Part 1 & 2

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We never thought that any of us would ever get the opportunity to meet R5 in person; we all started talking on Face book and became amazing friends. It felt like we had known each other for years. We then realised we were all going to R5’s London concert on March 4th at the Indigo2. We were all so excited and couldn’t wait for the day to come. We all had meet and greet and were so excited. The day finally came upon us and none of us slept last night because of the excitement of the show. We decided to go and get some food at our favourite restaurant and on the way we took the back passage way which was a short cut through an old ally way. Leanne and Tiffany were leading the way, when all of a sudden Tiffany stopped in her tracks and grabbed on to Leanne’s arm, making her look the way she was. Everyone else began to see what we saw, 5 of the most amazing people in the world, our idols. Shannon screamed and they noticed us. They knew we were part of the family as we were wearing R5 t-shirts and merchandise. They came out of the door and said hello and chatted for a while. We told them we were going to see them at the concert later on and they were very happy about it. Sarah in the meanwhile had found Andre and they had started talking, he agreed to give us all back stage passes, as she had explained that most of us have travelled about 4 hours to get here just to see R5. He told us to be at a certain place at 16:00. We said goodbye to them and they went back inside to get ready for tonight.

We walked back around to our place and took and seat it was only half an hour to wait, so we decided to wait for them. At 16:00 Andre came to the door. We all had smiles from one side of our faces to the other. Andre looked as pleased to see Sarah as she did to see him. It was like love at first sight had happened. He invited us in and gave us all badges to wear round our necks. We had only been inside for less than 5 minutes and Rachel had already set her eyes on Ryland, you could see him out the corner of your eye winking at her, whilst she was going bright red. But at least Ryland couldn’t see it as it was too dark. He came out and gave us all a hug and welcomed us in. He goes I will lead the way to show you around, Ryland whispered in to Rachel’s ear, do you want to hold my hand it’s a bit dark in here. Rachel knew that was the worst pick up line ever but it still worked as they walked hand in hand as the rest of us followed. Half way down a narrow staircase Britt said we have lost Sarah and Andre. Ryland turned round and said don’t worry Andre will take very good care of her. We all laughed and carried on walking.

We were all walking and smiling when Rydel and Ratliff were heading to their dressing room as well so they walked with us. Rydel started talking to Tiffany and they had such a great time talking they decided to exchange numbers so they could talk again when they had to leave. Ratliff saw that Leanne was wearing heels so he offered to carry her to the dressing room which he did with a smile on his face. We came to a corner where we turned left and saw Ross, Riker and Rocky at a door waiting for us to join them. Ryland and Rachel were the first through the door, and then brining up the rear was Leanne and Ratliff. Ratliff took Leanne in to another room and shut the door. After a while of everyone taking and bonding Ryland said they needed to go and do some sound check, so they had to leave. They walked us as far as they could out, as they didn’t want to be mobbed by the rest of the R5 family. We came out through a door where we were met by Mark who had saved us spaces at the front of the meet and greet. We then found Sarah and Leanne already waiting for us. We were so excited to even meet them again. We got in there and we were allowed as many photos as we wanted we had a big one all together and single ones. We went to give the band our gifts for them but Ross said go give them to Stormie. We walked over and said hey Stormie, Ross told us to give our gifts for the band to you she smiled and showed us to a room where we could put our bags down for the show, so then we went off to the Q&A. Stormie told us to meet her back hear after the show.

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