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Jay Z

I got a call from the hospital saying Beyonce arrived an hour ago. So I drive there in a panic. I go to her room and I see her then Derek. From the looks of it her wrist is broken. I try to stay calm when the doctors were done they left to get release papers.

"you have five minutes to explain why he's here "

"Jay I was just "

"shut up Derek"

"shawn stop please"

Now I was getting mad first she's with him when I told her to stay away and now she's defending him.

I punched him in the face.

"get the fuck out now"

He left but I wasn't done with him ill pay him a visit soon. The doctors brung back the papers and I grabbed beys good hand and we got in my car and left. Ill have to come back later for her car.


we got in the house nye and his girlfriend were gone somewhere.

my hand hurt but shawn still showed me no mercy. He threw me against the wall I loved it but I was still in trouble so I couldn't show him that.

"why were you with him are you fucking around"

"no babe I'm not I swear"

"then tell me why"

"we were just bowling and eating pizza"

"I told you to stay away"

he grabbed my thigh and squeezed it I whimpered

"I know and I'm sorry"

"not yet you aren't"


he whispered in my ear

"when I'm done with you your gonna be sorry"

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