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Cassidy’s POV

“Hang in there Cassidy, we’ll get through this.” How many times had I heard this phrase in the last twenty four hours? Too many. Niall patted my knee as the plane raced down the runway. I brushed his hand away and he sighed. My gaze remained fixed on the small T.V. facing me, although it played an old rerun of The Voice. I might have seemed calm and composed on the outside, but on the inside my mind was a whirlwind of memories I hadn’t thought of in a very long time.

We were on our way home, and the boys’ were obviously increasingly worried about me. But that didn’t stop me from not laughing at their jokes or participating in conversations.

“Do you need anything?” Niall asked, squirming in his seat. This is what they’d been doing ever since last night; attempting to make sure I was comfortable. I shook my head. “You sure?” He pressed.

“I need you to stop talking,” I replied under my breath, my eyes not moving from the screen. Cue another sigh. I don’t know how long it was until Niall broke the silence again.

“I love this commercial,” He chuckled.

“Huh?” I asked. Even though I had been staring at the T.V., my thoughts had been anywhere but what was actually playing.

“This commercial, with the chipmunk and-“

“Oh,” I cut him off, not wanting hear about it. His lips pressed together and he nodded. The plane ride was only a little over an hour, so we landed soon after. The paps and fans were as hectic as when they first found out the boys hand adopted me.

As soon as the pilot gave us the all clear, I grabbed my duffel and rushed out of the plane, leaving the boys scurrying after me. I knew airports like the back of my hand, and found my way to exit. Our van should be waiting where it always was.

I didn’t blink an eye as the automatic doors swooshed open, revealing the large mass of people. Security had set up the gates, but that didn’t stop the girls. I squeezed through the crowd, getting knocked around. But, I remained standing. I didn’t listen to what they were screaming, focused fully on the van about fifteen yards ahead. Some girl grabbed my hair but I elbowed her away. Another yanked at my arm, her nails cutting into my arm. I gritted my teeth, pushing her way with my free arm.

As I neared the car, I felt a stronger arm pull me by the forearm- the one the fan had scratched. I whimpered but the person didn’t let go. I looked up to face a large man with a camera.

“What?!” I scowled, readjusting my bag as I continued to be pulled around.

“I just need you to explain a few things, sweetheart,” The man smiled greedily. I attempted to slide through his hold, but it only made him grab me harder.

“I have to go!” But he didn’t let go of me.

“Smile for the camera, love” He held up his large camera.

“She said she has to go, now step away before I shove that camera up your arse,” Harry came to the rescue, untangling me from the crowd. The man’s eyes grew large and he let go of my pulsing arm. Harry lifted me up half bridal style and rushed our last few yards to the car.  He set me down on the seat and I scrambled into the back. I knew Harry was mad. The rest of the boys and Paul followed us. No one sat in the way back by me. Not even Louis, who caught my eye as he slid into the middle row.

Paul raced out of the airport pick up line and down the interstate, slowing down as we made out distance from everyone.

“What kinda stunt was that Cassidy?!” He spoke harshly, hitting the steering wheel. I expected someone to speak up for me, but no one did. “We’ve been over this! You don’t go out without someone with you!” Paul had never yelled at me before.

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