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Zayn's Pov

"I'm so nervous babe." I mumble out to my husband of 3 years.

He tightens his grip on my hand and smiles over at me," I'm sure the kids will love you. I mean who dosen't."

I kiss our interlocked hands and finally step through the doors. We are instantly hit with laughter and yelling. Watching the kids run and play a women walks up to us.

"Are you gentlemen the Malik's." We nod at her and she gestures for us to follow her.

"Here we let the parents pick out the kids so they can get aquatinted with them. When ever you have your choose I will be waitin in that office over there.".

She walks off and we are left in the room alone. I look over at Niall and see him gazing at all the children." Maybe we should split up and see what comes out of it," I suggest.

He nods and walks off so I'm left alone I look around and notice a little boy and girl prabaly around 3 sitting playing with blocks.

The little girl has brown hair that curls alittle and wearing a cute little flower dress. The boy has light brown hair that falls across his forehead and wearing a striped shirt. I walk towards them and crouch near them. They look up in alarm and the boy giggles and touches my arm with my Zap tattoo.

"Pretty," he mumbles. The girl looks at me and I notice her striking green eyes. She suddenly smiles and dimples appear on her cheeks. She holds her arms up to me."Up! Up! Up!," She yells.

I pick her up and she immediateley grips onto my hair tugging on it."Luk Lou!" She says down to the little boy.

He stands also holding his arms up also wanting to be picked up. I bend down and pick him up also. He quickly sticks his thumb into his mouth. Also putting his hands into my locks they both giggle while tugging.

A smile falls on my lips as the continue on. I slowly start to walk looking for Niall I think I found the perfect kids.

Niall's Pov

After I walked off from Zayn I walk up a set of stairs. also hearing kids up her I decide I check into the rooms. As I walk further down the hall I notice it gets quieter. I hear quiet laughter then someone shushing. I crack the door open and see two boys one with wild curly hair sitting on the bed with a book. The other boy what has brown straight hair is laying under the covers.

The door squeaks and the kids heads shoot up towards me. The brown haired one squeaks and hides under the blanket. the curly one looks up at me with wide green eyes.

"Who are you?" He mumbles out.

"I'm Niall. Me and my husband are here to pick out some kids."

His head quickly lowers,"Oh well why are you up here?"

"Well you two are kids." My smile grows as both there heads snap up.

"And I like you two. Would y'all consider meeting my husband."

The brown haired one nods quickly. While the curly one nods slower.

The both step out of the bed. Walking towards me.

"I'm Liam and I'm 5." The brown haired on states holding up 5 fingers.

I chuckle at him and looks toward the other one. He shyly looks up at me.

"I'm Harry and I'm six." He smiles a little.

"Well now that I know your ages. Lets go meet my husband."

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