The walk off

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It was the bottom of the ninth the giants were loosing 3 to 2 Buster posey was up to bat and Freddy Sanchez was on 2nd base and it was 2 strikes Tim Hudson had thrown a fastball Buster had swung and it went over the fence and the giants had won the baseball game. I was felling so good my favorite player had just hit a walk off homer i could not believe it Now the Giants were going to the playoffs next week. They were going to be playing the Atlanta Braves in the NL Playoffs 1st round. When i went to bed that night i was cold and i was wondering what would happen if i could actually meet my favorite player Buster Posey. And then i went to sleep. The next morning was vary quiet i got up out of bed and took a shower and then i turned on my radio THE GIANTS WERE COMING INTO TOWN. As i looked out my window there was a black limo that looked to have a flat tire i got dressed and put on my favorite giants jersey it was black with the orange outline and said on the back Posey 28 i walked out and i beat on the window of the limo and the limo driver said get out of here kid. As i hear a voice he is fine greg roll down my window and i looked and it was.

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