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"Who is she?" You asked Luhan.

"She is Krystal Jung. She is our friend Min Na. Suho introduced us to her during our soiree party when we were in our freshmen year. She was Suho's date that time. The two of them are close since Suho's father and Krystal's father are friends and knowing that they share a common interest as both of them were members of the academe. His father is also member of the board of trustees in an all girl's school." Luhan answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Ah I see." It was all you had responded. You returned your gaze back to the boys and you could see how they actually miss her. And right now Suho was whispering something on Krystal's ear. Then Krystal looked at him while Suho nodded as they both laughed.

You raised a brow and you don't know why you are feeling this way all of a sudden upon seeing them. You shook your head.

"No Min Na, you are not! Aissh!" Your inner voice said. Your thoughts were interrupted when Luhan tapped your shoulder.

"Min Na, are you okay?" Luhan asked as he smiled.

"Ah y-yes I'm fine Luhan." You replied.

"Come, I'll introduce you to Krystal!" Luhan said as he grabbed your hand and tagged you along with him.

You were about to say no but it was too late to protest.

"Krystal!" Luhan exclaimed.

"Luhan oppa!" Krystal shouted as she instantly threw her arms around him.

"It's nice to see you again! Good thing you came!" Luhan said as they pulled away from each other.

"Yes. I did not know it's your birthday oppa. I'm so sorry if I don't have any gift for you." She retorted as she pouted her lips.

"Aigoo! Gwenchana! It's your presence that counts!" Luhan said as he ruffled Krystal hair.

"Oppa! Your messing up my hair!" She whined.

All of them laughed as Krystal was like a kid. You were still standing silently behind Luhan when Krystal noticed you.

"Oh! Oppa is she your girlfriend? Annyeong eonnie!" Krystal smiled widely at you as she waved her hands.

Luhan blushed upon what Krystal had said.

"Oh no! She's not my girlfriend! Krystal, this is Min Na by the way." Luhan said as he pulled you close beside him.

And the next thing you said made everyone shocked.

"Hi! Nice to meet you Krystal! Me and Luhan are dating." You said.

You heard some "Ooh" from the boys while Luhan looked at you and dumbfounded with your words. You just winked at him and smiled.

Suho saw it as he balled his fist giving Luhan a glare.

"Uh oh! Looks like someone is jealous." D.O whispered at Suho and smiled cockily.

"Shut up Kyungsoo!" Suho muttered.

"Relax okay? Besides Min Na is just being consistent with her role play as Luhan's date." D.O added.

But it was as if Suho was not listening as he approached you.

"Let us talk." Suho said with a serious face.

Without any single word, he grabbed your hand as he tagged you along with him leaving the rest. All of them watched you and Suho walked out of the resto. The boys exchanged looks as they could feel that something wrong was going on. On the other hand, Luhan was about to follow you but he knew it was not right for him to intervene.

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