Chapter 9

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This was her first time seeing it. One look and she knew, this Giant Titan had intelligence as well... similar to the Armored Titan she saw 5 years ago.

A loud explosion was heard from the gate of Trost that led to outside world. Once again, the Wall was breached. People started running for their lives towards the inner gate, evading the raining boulders as they ran although many didn't make it. Titans were swarming in slowly but surely.

Aura gained her composure, quickly grabbed Cain and used her 3DMG to carry him over to the Wall. He didn't have his 3DMG on after all. He was still shocked and scared stiff when Aura put him down on top of Wall Rose, "Cain!"

"What was that..." He muttered, "... Is that Titan for real...?"

"Cain! Listen to me." Aura said, bringing him to look at her, "Get into Wall Rose with others. Stay with the people there and evacuate."

"Then what about you, Aura-san?" he asked shakily.

"Don't worry about me." Aura said.

"... Aura? Is that you?" Someone called. They were running towards her.

As they came near, Aura recognized who they were, "Rose. Shelia. Will." They were her old friends from trainee days.

"Why are you in civilian clothes...?" Rose asked, "No... More like, why are you here and not in expedition? I thought the Scouting Legion left this morning?"

"It's a long story... Just say I am forced to stay behind today. Shelia, can you take him to the refugee camp?"

"B-But Aura-san.. You are-"

Cain protested but was stopped by Aura from continuing his sentence. Shelia did not ask anything further and took Cain together with her immediately. Aura followed Rose and Will to their meeting with other squads on how to handle this situation. She knew most of the high rank officers in Garrison due to her frequent visits with Erwin.

"But I am glad you are here... We are lacking of people to clear those Titans down there." Will said, "It is reassuring to have the Elite Soldier from Scouting Legion here with us."

"... I might not be able to help much..." Aura muttered as she thought of her injuries and her old gears but they did not hear it due to sudden screams from below. Looked like Titans have made their way into the middle section of the town.

The Garrison had devised a strategy for Titan's attack since Shiganshina incident. The troops would be divided into 3 groups, front, middle and rear. The front and middle groups will handle the Titans that came in to prevent them from advancing further. The rear guards will help out with evacuation and any Titans that broke through the other two groups. Each group will be further divided into smaller teams and spread out.


"Anna." Aura saw her little sister arriving on the Wall along with other trainees. All trainees were assigned as the middle and front guards and they were arriving one by one to be divided into groups.

"Why do you have your gears on...?" Anna asked worriedly.

"Wore it out of gut feelings but it proved useful." Aura answered.

"Hey Aura!" Someone called her again. It was Rico, one of the Elite from Garrison. She knew her when she accompanied Erwin for meeting few years ago, "I would love a long nice chat over tea but we have got no time. Can you assist the middle and front guards? They are mostly trainees and having you there will help. You might be the only one with most experience of killing Titans among us right now."

"That's what I plan to do." Aura immediately answered and stopped Anna from butting in.

"Great. You are on your own. We are counting on you!" She shouted as she ran off to another groups to give them their instructions.

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