How and Who

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I used to live in a big house, it was comfy, warm, and was in a good neighborhood. But now I live in the dark basement of a bar my new friend owns. She is like me, she feeds me and she closes in the morning and opens at night. We feed on the drunkest and last people in the bar. I think you know what I mean by feed. Its obvious, but I can’t say it. The words are poison in my mouth. I am used to being one, but some things I still cant control. I can’t continue, I’m sad but I cannot cry, I’m cold and never warm, I cannot even feel warmth. The monster that made me into one of them got to me on prom night. I have nothing else to do in this basement other than make this log about my life now. I have already told you some things but I want to tell you about that night. My prom night, I was excited, my mother saw it and told me that I should calm down and that it was just a prom. But I thought she was being stupid, as always. As she put in the last braid. She said “Jees you have a lot of hair!” “Well I don’t want to cut it.” We both laughed. I started to put on my corsage it was a light blue rose with a diamond in the middle. I was proud putting it on and I know my mom never got to go to prom so I know she was proud too. She never got to because she was in the hospital after getting jumped and almost rapped but her date was with her and they had to walk. My dad saved her and well I will never forget that story. But anyways back to me, I heard the knock at the door and I told my mom, “Get the door I want to go down the stairs like in those movies.” She rolled her eyes and walked to the door. She swung it open, “Hi Jack give her a second she will be right down. Do you want to come in?” “Sure thank you Ms....” I don’t remember my last name. He came in dressed in a white tux with a blue rose, he knew I loved them. His golden blond hair flowed back in a wave. His… eyes sparkled in the light, I don’t remember his eye color. As I came down the stairs I felt like a princess, the most beautiful of all. I was excited and happy, when I got outside there was a black limo parked. He opened the door for me and shouted, “She will be home by 10:00, I promise.” And of course he didn’t keep his promise. But anyways, when we got out of the car and walked through the entrance, all eyes were on us. People came up to me and said I was the prettiest girl in the room and Jack’s friends said the same about him. We sat down at a table with my friends Nancy and Rebecca. They were close friends almost like sisters so they decided to go black and white. Nancy was wearing a strapless dress with white at the top that went into black at the bottom. Rebecca almost the same but the colors switched. I wish that I could see them now. UGH I keep getting side tracked. Anyways, we all sat down at our tables while Rachel, a girl in the student counsel, handed out little papers and pencils so we could vote for our prom king and queen. I voted for Jack as king and Rebecca as queen. When Rachel went around collecting the papers I got nervous all of a sudden. I thought it was nothing so I ignored it. When our principal came up to say the king and queen we all looked nervously around the room. “Ok, and our prom king is…” “Jack Weilder!” we all clapped and cheered. “Our prom queen is…” “Hold on, there is an equal amount of votes for two of the voted. Rebecca and Tracy. So everyone except for you two can re-vote.” We waited on stage and when the little paper came to our principal Rebecca wasn’t nervous at all. Maybe she knew who was going to win. “Our official prom queen is…” “Tracy!” People got out of their seats and cheered and clapped I was amazed. “Now clear the dance floor for the dance of the king and queen.” Jack and I were perfect together no denying it. After the dance he took me out to the balcony, a full moon shone in the night sky with glory and beauty. “I think it is time for a change.” He said. “What kinda change Jack? Our lives are perfect.” “I know, but I think that…” He got down on one knee. “Will you marry me Tracy?” I was shocked I wanted to say yes but I was so stunned that I almost fainted. Finally I said, “Yes! Oh my god!” He slid on the ring around my finger. “I love you Tracy and I always will protect you no matter the situation.” “I love you two Jack, with all my heart.” When prom was over, we waited for ten minutes but the limo and the driver were gone and Jack couldn’t get a signal. So we decided to walk. On our way there was a gan in an alley we passed. I could see at the corner of my eye they were following us. One jumped out in front of us and said, “I am in the mood for a little snack, How about you boys!” they started cheering. “Well well well who is this beauty?” He tried to touch my chin. “No one you’ll be snacking on tonight monster.” He stepped in front of me, I was scared for him but I blushed because he loved me this much. “Oh and your gonna stop me hunter?” He started to get face to face with Jack and I became afraid but curious. “Hunter?” I asked in curiosity “Its nothing.” He said to me. “Well then if she wont be give… then she will be taken.” One of his buddies grabbed me from behind, pushed my head to the side and I saw this horrific scene. His yellow teeth on two sides of his upper jaw started to come out and sharpen. “If you want her to live, then you will give us the codes to the safe.” The seemed to be leader said. “Never, I will never give you the code.” The leader looked at him and laughed “Ok fine.” He nodded at his friend that was holding me. His sharp teeth sent a throbbing  pain down my neck. I could feel the blood draining. “STOP NO TRACY NO!!!!” And that was the last thing I heard from Jack. I woke up in the same place but on the floor. Neither Jack nor the gang was there. I was left here for dead. I tried going home but when I got there, no one was home. I got scared and I tried to call the police but the phones were out. My room was trashed and all I took from there was money, clothes and my inhaler. That is the only thing I remember before I turned into this, this monster. I hate being here. I am forced in darkness and I never even get to see the sun set anymore. I miss seeing the sunset with Jack on my porch. But I will never see light again, I will never see my family or Jack again. Our wedding day was supposed to be today but not anymore. I don’t even know if Jack is still alive. All I know I can do now is wait for night, feed on one person, and stay in the dark. I can’t even sleep, I wish I could just go out and let the hunters kill me but my friend wont let me out she has the keys and she has more control over her strength than I do. So I guess I’m stuck here, for the rest of my life.

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