Chapter 66

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All I manage to do is swallow hard and loudly. I'm pretty sure Robbie could hear me swallow it was that loud. For some reason, I haven't had the guts to look him in the face and my own eyes haven't moved an inch, which means that they are still glued to my hand which is resting against Rob's long length. He's not hard, but not like that would make it any worse anyway.

''Erm...Gaz? Gaz, mate?'' Robbie thankfully clears his throats and manages to get my attention.

My eyes snap away from my hand and his mid section and my hand quickly follows. I manage to force myself to raise my eyes up to his and suddenly I see him. His bottle green eyes just leering back at me, but it's not the look I expected to see. I expected to see something much worse. A look that suggested that I maybe fucked up our friendship this time or that he thought I had feelings for him considering that we have kissed twice now. I mean, don't get me wrong, he is a very attractive, handsome and good looking lad or girl, and I'm sure many lads would be happy to have him and would consider themselves extremely lucky, but I just hope that he isn't offended when this doesn't amount to anything. Besides, I'm pretty sure he's not gay anyway. Yes, he did kiss me in L.A the first time and I did kiss him there a few days ago, but he was the one who said that he loves me loads, but not in that way. The memory of that conversation brings a curl to the corner of my lips and right on cue, Rob bursts in to laughter causing me to once again, snap out of a trance like state of mind.

''Geeeeett up and stop wiggling you arse in the air at me mate..'' I hear Rob chuckle at me as my cheeks go the shade of a bottle of red wine. I haul myself to my feet and step once again under the steaming hot shower.

''Not as if you or I haven't done it before, mate'' he winks at me as he gives my bare behind a quick pinch and wet slap.

''But just so you don't feel left out, Gaz..''

He reaches over and basically hand-shakes my cock as it dangles free and wet from my body.

''Great to see you again, little Gaz'' he says as tears stream down his cheeks as he clutches to his stomach in laughter.

''Gerroooff, you messer Rob. Enough of the 90's memories, lad'' I say as I wiggle my mini-me away from his grip which all of a sudden started to feel very nice actually.

It may see a small bit weird, but myself and Rob have always been very close and overly flirtatious with each for as long as I can remember. When I think about it, the amount of silly and bizarre things we did together was unreal. You would honestly think we were a real couple half of the time, but that's what happens when two lads are just really comfortable with each other and basically, just great mates.


After we were done laughing and joking about in the shower, Robbie even washed my hair for me and we shared a naked cuddle, we were both in my room deciding on what we would wear tonight. Rob had already gone for some casual shorts, his vans and a nice t-shirt. I was debating on whether a shirt would be too heavy for an evening over here, but I opted for a nice polo, after much persuasion from Robbie. He basically picked out my entire outfit for tonight. If I'm not careful, I'm gonna have to start paying him as my stylist!

''You ready then, mate?'' I call in to Rob's room as I pop on my flip flops.

I peek in to Rob's room as he just adds the finishing touches to his hair in the mirror hanging on his wall in his bedroom.

''Enough of the beauty touch ups, you already look delicious, mate'' I chuckle as I stroll over to Rob carrying two glasses of wine in my hands.

''I have to look my best for my best friend, don't I?'' he says winking at me as he takes one of the glasses from my hands.

''Cheers, Gaz'' he says raising his glass.

''Cheers'' I say back, clinking the glasses together taking a long and delicious sip of the refreshing alcohol.

We stroll back out to the living where we see Paul standing at his bedroom door not looking well at all.

''Eh up?'' I say to him, placing my glass down on the kitchen side and briskly walking over to him.

I place a hand on his forehead and notice that he is red hot.

''Christ Paul, you're burning up, mate!'' I say as I wrap an arm around his waist and direct him to the couch in the living room.

''Yeah I'm not feeling the best, Gaz. Think it's the adjustment to the heat. I don't think I'll be joining ye tonight..'' he mutters as I rest his legs at the end of the couch as Robbie grabs a blanket and places it over him gently whilst also plumping up a few pillows for his head to lie down on.

''Nah no way, mate. We are not leaving you here on you own, Paul..'' Robbie pipes up, saying exactly the same thing I was thinking.

''Guys, no offence, but I'm a big boy. The compound is guarded by security, I'll lock all the windows and doors. Please, go out and enjoy yourselves. It's what ye came here for. I just need a good night sleep and tomorrow we'll have a good time all together. OK?'' he mumbles as he tries to keep his eyes open.

I look at Rob and his eyes tell me all I need to know. Even if we come up with another 100 excuses, Paul will eventually have to get up off the couch and shove us out the door.

''OK, but you have both of our numbers so you call us if anythingand I mean anything happens, OK?'' I say to him as I place a bucket and a bottle of water next to him.

''Thanks Mum and Dad'' he chuckles at us both, causing us both to let out little giggles. 

''OK, now I mean it. Anything happens, you call us. We won't be out late.'' I say as I lean down and plant a little kiss on his forehead, followed by Rob doing the same.

''Love you Dad'' he whispers with a big grin on his face as he pulls away from Paul and extends his hand for me to take.

Playing along, I jokingly take his hand in mine and instantly feel a strange but beautiful warmth rush through my fingertips, and instantly spreading throughout my entire body.

''Mum and Dad are going out now...'' I chuckle to Paul.

''Don't do anything we wouldn't do, lad'' I chuckle at him as I swing an arm around Rob's waist, he has his around my shoulder, and we then head out the door to go for dinner and a first night out together, just the two of us, for what must be the first time in nearly 10 years.

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