Mad father ghost story

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Chapter 1 Ayas POV

Five years after the insident at the mansion I started to take a intrest in fathers studies so I finally worked up the courage to look in that book new text on anatomy, then two years later I opend my own 'practice' but it's not like I was obsessed seeing with dead people faces and killed people constently I just did that with the ones that I found where so sick and tired of suffering, the ones that seemed like they where ready to go and wanted their familes to have something to remeber them, witch would often( more like always) be a doll of them. A few years after that( I lost cout) a month before my eightteenth birth day I felt this percence like someone ealse was in the small ranch style cottage other then me maria and snowball it familler yet so unfamiliar, it was defintly a ghost but of who, it could easily have been one of my...pastionts but somehow I knew it wasn't it couldn't have been becuse it never tried to hurt me( sometimes they weren't ready to go and I like something they had) and it felt like I was being protected, could it have been mom? The strange part was,was that it wasn't alway there I would only feel it sometimes on some day others it would feel like it was following me every where exsept when I would go outside I wanted to know who it was. One night I heard foot steps it wasn't the dignity foot steps of someone in high heels( that someone being Maria) but the pat pat of bear feet on a wood floor and " who's there?" I yell the foot steps stoped I heard a stange muffled noise like it was trying to reply but it couldn't, after a second or to of silence the foot steps continued down the hall the a door closed no a hostile slam but a gentle one. I went back to sleep after I registered it in my mind the foot steps undoubtably belonged to a male.

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