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*Ever's POV*

"Thanks, Ray." I gave him an awkward side-hug before exiting the car. Walking to the imposing front entrance, I turned and watched him drive away.


The next morning, I refused to get out of bed.

"C'mon." Ty said gently. "It can't be that bad."

I planted my head face-first into my pillow, somewhat hoping I'd smother myself, but knowing eventually I'd roll over to breathe. When I did, Tyler was giving me the look a stereotypical shrink would give a depressed patient.

"Tell me all about it." Tyler urged. "This is a safe place."

I almost smiled at his stereotypical shrink impression, but my lips refused to move.

"C'mon." He insisted. "At least come downstairs with me. We can watch some Supernatural. Or even Dr Who."

I shook my head, still refusing.

"We can get icecream, a whole gallon of cookie dough."

"Not hungry." I sighed.

With one last worried look, Tyler left me alone.


The cycle repeated for the next few weeks. I refused to get out of bed, eat. The only thing I'd do is shower, when I'd just basically stand under the running water as warn beads beat my cold, pale body. Tyler didn't make me go to school. I remember him knocking on my door, claiming that visitors, probably Mikey, Frank, or Ray, though I turned them away.

I knew I was spiraling down, but I didn't want to stop.

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