First Day and Trouble!

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My face resembled a kid who got a free annual package of chocolates right now as I read what was written on the building in front of me.

In front of me, was a building on top of which, in bold letters, was written:


Chapter 2: First Day and Trouble!

If I thought that the pictures I saw in The Wattpad Academy’s prospectus were impressive then boy, was I wrong! This huge building standing in front of me is no less than a castle.

The academy, or should I say castle, was pure white with small engravings of orange on the sidewalls and a huge ‘W’ on the entrance door, just like I saw in the prospectus. There were trees cut out in different shapes, mostly the shapes of books or ‘W’ and others were in the shape of small things with white and orange flowers. How cute!

I’m sure my face must be looking like I’m drooling. And why won’t it? Its my dream academy after all! Alright fine, I’m a little bit weird but can you blame me? In a world where there are towns like Facebook and YouTube, markets like Amazon, can’t there be weird creatures like me?

I headed inside to look for the sign up office. I’d already submitted my registration details so I’ll just have to get my passkey to my profile and my timetable.

“Can I help you?” I turned around to find a boy looking at me like I’m some kind of a lost puppy. Well, that would be quite ironic because right now, he looks like a puppy- cute.

“Uh, yeah. I was just searching for the sign up office, I gave the registration details yesterday.”

“Oh, that. Come with me, I can show you the sign up office. I was going that way only.”

“Thanks.” I smiled at him. “By the way, I’m Elena.”

“Nice to meet you, Elena. I’m Jake.” He took out his hand for me to shake and I accepted it.

Once we reached the office, I asked him to wait outside because he was pretty much the only one I knew here, or atleast was the only one I was acquainted with here and he said he had no problem.

I knocked the door to the office and hear an audible ‘come in’.

A petite lady in her mid-thirties was sitting there who looked up at me and smiled warmly.

“Hello, dear.”

“Hi. I’m Elena.”

“Oh, yes, yes. Your mother talked with me yesterday and I got all your registration details. I’ve set up your profile and you may modify it afterwards. Let me give you your time table for your classes and the key to your profile room. You may start posting your works from today and then we will feed them in our academy’s file once you’ve posted your works. Rest of the information is posted on your profile room’s information bulletin. If you have any problem after that, just come to me. Here, take this.” She said handing me the key to my profile room along with my timetable and academy’s map.

“Alright miss, Thanks!” I smiled at her, which she returned.

I exited the room and looked around to find Jake scratching the back of his head, looking down. Cute!

“Jake?” he looked as if he was in some kind of trance.

“Jake?” I repeated.

“Huh? Oh, Elena. Sorry, I was just…never mind. Let’s get you to your profile.” I shrugged and told him my profile number.

“Hmm…I think it must be that way.” He said, thinking. He started walking ahead and I followed him.

On the way to my profile, I looked around to find that people had very nice profiles with proper backgrounds and different works.

Out of all these, few of the works caught my attention so I decided to add them to my library.

I went to a profile door, clicked on the 'works' shelf and added 3 books.

And that’s how my dear friends I lost Jake. Oh, did I tell you he had my profile key while I didn’t even had his profile name?

 Now, how will I find him?

I just remember he was walking in front of me, so I decided to walk that way.

After walking a little too far I found a profile with the name ‘jake-can-bake’.Okaay, maybe this is his profile. I was about to knock the door when the door burst open and I knocked on someone’s chest.

I looked up into a pool of blue eyes glaring into mine. I gulped.


Looks like I’m in trouble.


Sorry to my little bunch of readers for this late upload, but I didn’t had any time. Also, this is short just like the last chapter but I’ll try to make the other chapters longer.

And, I’ll upload more frequently!

I hope you enjoy reading.

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