Another hospital trip

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I turned in my sleep troubled but sounds coming from down the hall. I opened my eyes and listened a little more carefully and matched it to my mother. I gasped and jumped out of bed and ran down to her room. I opened the door to her rolling around on her bed groaning. I called 911 and went to her bad to try and calm her Til they come to collect her.

"Mum it's going to be ok" I said

I placed my hand against her back to stop her from rolling to find her sweating like she was in a sauna. After 10 minutes I could here the siren coming closer. Once they were her they helped her on to a stretcher and wheeled her out to the van. I decided to take my car just incase i had to duck home. I glanced at the time and it was almost 4am. I was still tired but awake for my mum. I drifted into some kind of trance cause once I was back I almost had run into the side barrier.

"Shit stay awake, I need to stay awake for her" I stated firmly to myself. I was only 5 minutes from the hospital... I needed to stay concentrated. I had lost following the ambulance since they do their victorious 'OPEN THE SEA OF CARS' to get there in time. At least they will have her set up once I'm in there. I turned into the drive way and found a park (eventually) grabbing a ticket along the way. Walking to the reception I took note of the entrance I came in to get myself to my car on the first go.

"Hi, faith Watsmon please" I asked softly.

"Sure, are you a-"

"Her daughter" I cut her off.

I walked in the direction she said and eventually found mum, once again she was set up with machines monitoring her every move and heartbeat. I took a public chair and pulled it right up to her bed and sat down grabbing her hand and resting my head onto her arm. In a bit I was asleep.

After a uncomfortable sleep I was awoken by my phone buzzing. I picked it up to find haz. I smiled and answered standing up and going to the window.

"Hey haz" I said softly not to wake up mum. (At least she had her own room).

I frowned when all I heard was a cracking line. "Hello, Harry? Hellooooo?" I called again. I sighed... Nothing. I hung up and looked at the time. 11:45am... No point on going to school today, that's probably what he was calling about. I decided on breakfast and went down stairs to the canteen. I grabbed a salad sandwich and headed outside to call Harry back. Dam voicemail.

"Hi haz sorry I couldn't hear you on the other line. I'm at the hospital with mum, she had another spaz last night so I've been here since midnight, not coming as you can probably guess. Anyways, call me or text me. Love you!" Finished the call hanging up. I was still thinking about the kiss last night but I need to concentrate on mum at the moment. I ate my food and went back up there to find mum still sleeping.

Another couple of days went on by with mum up and down. Harry and I have continued texting knowing its a bad idea to try and call. Going to school wasn't a option for me so I decided to just be there fore mum. Tomorrow she will be able to go home and I'm going to stay with her. I have spoken to Harry about all of my decisions and he thinks it's a good idea for me to do it that way. He said he will come and visit me when schools out. That will be nice:)

My phone buzzed with a text from an unknown number

"Hey there sweet lips"

I frowned, what the hell, who's number do I know that ends with 354? I had a think and nothing came to mind.

"Who's this?" I texted back. Almost immediately I got one back.

"Wouldn't you like to know;)" what the fuck? I decided to leave it and lock my phone. It buzzed again and rolled my eyes but then I noticed Harry's name. I smiled and texted back

"I'm good, mums coming home tomorrow so very happy. She's asleep at the moment since they are wearing her off her meds. Wyd?" I asked back

"Nothing just finished some homework. Do you want me to come over tomorrow night and spend time with you?" He asked. I smiled

"That would be nice haz, but I think I will just get mum settled and have a really early one. How about night after?" I asked frowning giving up such a good offer. However I'm so tired.

"Yea ok" he texted back shortly. I sighed, he's annoyed with me now I know that kind of text.

"Hey do you know who this number is xxxxxxx465??" I texted back thinking maybe he knows....

No answer. Great!! I settled back into the chair and took the remote switching the tv on for a while. Another hour rolled by and I was yawning. I got up to go to the bathroom taking my phone with me knowing id be in there for a while.


Finally I get to bring mum home, she is up and happy to be leaving this Heath hole. I'm still a little sad that haz hasn't texted me back for the last 4 texts I sent him. I know he has read them cause up says but maybe he's just... Busy.

"Ok mum are you ready to head home now?" I asked mum helping her into the wheel chair and placing her back of things on her lap.

"Ready as ever baby" she smiled rubbing her thumb against my cheek smiling. I wheeled her out to the car and helped her in and taking her home.


So I will be posting more in a bit!!! Hope you like it, comment if you have ideas on what to come;)xx

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