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Lotties POV

I realised that olivia wasnt being her normal chatty self so I sent her a text saying

to Olivia

you dont seem to be chattin muh everthing okay girly? xx

read 03:54pm

from Olivia

I guess yesterday is starting to hit home xx

from then on I dragged her away from everybody else and we sat on the swings. we were chatting about what happend yesterday untl I noticed she was staring at this guy with red chinos with a striped t-shirt white TOMS and red clothing braces.

"OLIVIA BRANNIGAN YOU ARE NOT SITTING HERE STARING A T A GUY AFTER LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP ENDED" With that she looked at me in realisation and the guy turned around realiseing what I had just said to her.

He smirked.

And widend his eyes at the apperence of my best friend and he saw me look at him and mouthed"your friend is hot" pretending to wipe sweat off his forehead I gigged and turned to his friend with curly hair and a nice face now he is hot! 

Then I heard olivia giggle

"shit! I said that out loud?!"

"yeahhhh" Olivia said with a smirk on her face

Olivia ran to the curly haired dude and pointed at me and shouted "MY FRIEND THINKS YOUR HOT"

I was shocked at what he said next...

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