All 4 of us

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Tasha and Jessica ran over and called my name.

"Hiii.. Where have you been. I looked everywhere for you," Jessica asked.

"Hiya. Been sitting here having a catch up! What time you coming to mine." I wondered.

"4ish! Is that ok" Tasha groaned.

"Yeah.. By the way the lads will be there! So whats the latest" I yawned.

"I'm seeing Cameron," Tasha screeched.

"Really! Didn't think that... Err well," I coughed.

"Ha. Well ya know matty" Jessica added.

"Yeh" I sighed, "What now"

"We aren't going out. Yettt! But he called me is fave and said I'm hot!" Screamed Jessica

"Oh... Well.. Err just be careful. You know what he's like," Sarah complained, "He's a player!"

My phone went off.. It was Taylor..

Meet me at the football pitch in 5mins don't be late xxxxx

"C ya girls Taylor needs me!" My face lit up.

"You and that boyy" Tasha moaned.

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