Getting fired!

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Me and Trevor are going strong,but we don't get to see each other and I caught up in school work and my job.oo speaking of work I have to get going.

I run upstairs leaving Trev downstairs,i got ready then ran back down.

"WHERE ARE THE CAR KEYS"i shouted as I ran around frantically

"On the coffee table"trevor said calmly.

I grabbed my keys,then ran out the door.i ran back it and kissed Trevor,"oops I forgot"

"Bye Yve" he shouted after me.

When I arrived I restocked and took the first few orders,until someone walked in,i knew who it was but I just acted calmly.

"Can I take your order,Jackie?"

"Yeah I'll have a green tea,and your boyfriend"

I went and made her tea just ignoring what she said.

"It's a shame your still a Virgin Yvonne,you boyfriend would have done you good,well he did me good"she smirk,thats when I lost it, I threw the green tea at her,it got her drenched and I was pretty impressed :)

"AHH,YOU BITCH"she screamed.

My boss ran in and screamed"YOUR FIRED!"

I ran and got my stuff and smiled at Jackie who was covered In green tea.

"You got a little something on you"i smirked and then walked out.

I arrived back home and told the guys all about it.lets just say they were proud people!

"I'm going to do some homework and then find a new job"i said and kissed Trevor then walked up to the study.

I completed my homework I'm on a online school with Trevor.

I started searching for a job.i found a job as a cleaner l,but I didn't really clean my own house so I passed on that one.

Then I found a job as a presenter for vidcon,so I got in touch and found that I would be presenting next month 😍 i was super happy,that I found the perfect job!!!

~hey guys hope you enjoy it~Liv~

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