*Chapter 3*

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I walked into school that morning totally washed out. I am so tired and just want to crawl back into bed. I remember very little of what happened that night, the only thing I really remember is kissing mikey. and no, It wasn't like a real kiss it was just a drunk kiss , nothing serious.

"Omg taylor, your dating mikey?!" calum asked.

"No , don't tell me it's going around school?" I said.

"Mikey said that, u better go talk to him" calum insisted .

I walked out into the hallway grabbing the hall pass. why would Mikey do that? all it was , was a drunk kiss. luke was kissing that girl Tiffany so I guess I got jealous . that's ALL. I found Mikey talking to luke.

"Taylor , why would u let me hit on you when your dating my best friend?!?" Luke said angrily.

"Mikey I'm not dating u , and u know it . ur just spreading a rumor that no one needs to know!" I said getting really mad.

"Ik, when I was drunk I spread that rumor" Mikey said.

"Ohhhh.. Well then Taylor is still mine" luke said while winking.

"Uh uh.. No I am not, ur a player luke ik u kissed a bunch of girls at the party and I didn't even see u pick up one drink so u weren't even drunk! I'm not gonna be one of the girls u use ." I snapped while grabbing Mikey and walking back to class.

Luke is dumb if he thinks I'm playing that game with him. I bet he won't even talk to Tiffany anymore even though they kissed, he's a player.

Message: luke

I'm sorry . I know u think I'm a player, can I take u out to dinner?

Great. I can't get away from this boy. I don't know what I should do. even though I hate him, I still like him a lot at the same time..

Message: Taylor

Why would I go out with you.

Message: luke

Because I need to show u that ur not just a game to me.

Ashton was looking over my shoulder the whole time .

"I think you should go out with him, he hasn't stopped talking about you since you moved here , he definitely has some kind of feelings for you" ashton said.

"Fine but if he plays me , it's all up to u." I said while laughing.

Message : Taylor

Fine . when and where?

I hope u guys are enjoying it!!!

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