14: Life ReWrap

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The morning after hearing the news Stef and Lena both couldn't even wake Callie or Brandon. They'd talked to Brandon and learned that him and Callie had slept together when the rest of the family went out to movie night. He promised them that they used protection, but they couldn't help, not believe him.

They also talked to Callie, but she was just a mess of tears, which Mariana heard all night. Mariana and Jesus had found out and both couldn't even look Callie nor Brandon in the eye the night they found out. No one had told Jude, because what would they say?

Oh hey Jude! Yeah your sister now has a life threatening virus and so does Brandon! And even better they could both die in a matter of days or months!

Yeah. No.

Stef after processing all this, got out of bed at 9:15 and went downstairs for a cup of coffee. She hopped down the stairs, being glad it was the weekend. She went over to the coffee pot and changed the filter and waited for it to brew. She just sat at the kitchen table, alone.

In the midst of her thoughts she heard the phone ring. She went over and grabbed the home phone, which they almost never used.

"Hello Fosters' residence, Stef speaking."

"Hello Stef, it's Dr. Fealen. We were looking through our test files from the past few days to get them organized and we found something," Crap. Now what? There's cancer? Joy!

"It turns out that we got Callie's file mixed up with another 16 year old, named Kaya. Kaya has HIV unfortunately, but Callie and Brandon both don't!" Stef could barely catch her breath. Her kids were okay. Her family was better, not okay, but better.

"Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for telling me! I'll give them the news as soon as they wake up!"

"You're welcome, Stef. Now you enjoy your weekend." She hung up and Stef's happiness lit up like a Christmas tree.

When she put the phone back in the phone cradle, she heard the stairs creak behind her and spun around to see Callie. She ran over and immediately hugged her as tight as she could.

"Um, Stef? What are you doing?" Callie questioned, confused by Stef's action.

"Oh Callie! Dr. Fealen just called and told us that your file got mixed up with another girls! YOU DONT HAVE HIV!" Callie was speechless. She was in awe by Stef's words.

"Oh my god. Really?" Callie half whispered.

"Yes!" They both embraced in a long tight hug that was full of screeches and tears of Joy.

Later when Lena had woken up an Stef told her the news, the house was filled with more joy and love than usual. When the rest of the kids came downstairs they smelled the scent of pancakes cooking and coffee brewing.

Later when everyone had finished eating, Brandon was in the kitchen working on a music playlist, when he heard the lovely sound of guitar playing. He turned off his laptop and followed the sound all the way to the front porch. When he went out he saw Callie strumming on the guitar. He listened until she was finally finished. Brandon applauded for Callie which made her jump. He sat down in the chair next to her and started showing her some new notes when he got an idea.

"I'll be right back!" He rushed upstairs into his room, where he began digging in his desk drawer. He finally found what he was looking for under some Post-It notes. He grabbed in and bolted back down to the porch.

"Here." He handed her a blue ombré colored guitar pick and began to teach her how to use it. She was playing a beautiful melody.

"Brandon, we need to stop." She said as she sat the guitar down.

"Wha-What do you mean?" He was nervous for what was to come next.

"We can't do this anymore. Okay? I'm sorry, but do you know how much our relationship has put this family as risk and in danger? I just, I don't want that to happen anymore, B." Brandon was shocked. It was the end. Their love had been unstoppable, strong, and committed, but it had come to an end. It was the very end. The end of their never ending love.

Later that night both Callie and Brandon moped around everywhere. When they reached their rooms they both just stayed in bed. Callie just listened to sad music all day. Some of the depressing songs that she played on repeat where:

Stay High by Tove Lo

Human by Christina Perri

Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Skinny Love by Birdy

Dark Paradise by Lana Del Ray

And many other. Mariana had asked if she wanted to go to the mall, the beach, and even the animal shelter, but she denied all the offers. She just stared into space and blasted music into her ears.

Brandon was the same. He just lied in his bed and listened to sad music. When he occasionally got up, he would play sad music. He played River Flows Through You by Yiruma which everyone could hear through the walls. Jesus was fed up by both of them so he went to his moms room to tell them what'd been going on.

He went to their door and knocked lightly hoping for a respond, even though it was 11:30.

"Come in." He heard through the door.

"Okay, you guys to do something about Callie and Brandon. All Brandon has been doing is playing the most depressing music. Jude even had to put a pillow over his ears to avoid it. And Mariana texted me and said that all Callie is doing is listening to sad music, and she can hear it with her headphones. She said she can even hear B on the piano." Stef and Lena looked at each other with the same expression. They knew what was going on, exactly.

"Okay, babe we'll talk to them in the morning. Just go to bed it's late." Jesus went headed towards his room, but on the way he decided he'd give Brandon a little surprise. He went into the garage and grabbed a squirt gun out of a box of pool equipment. They hadn't used it in so long because they hadn't had a pool in 3 years. He grabbed the squirt gun and filled it up in the sink. He walked upstairs as quietly as possibly, making sure that no one would think he was still up. He opened Brandon's door and softly as possible and found him trying to sleep. His face was in the perfect position. When he knew it was the right time Jesus pulled the little plastic trigger and water shot out from the end. It hit Brandon right it the face.

"Haha sucker!" Jesus exclaimed.

He continued to squirt even when Brandon got up.

"GET OUT!" Brandon yelled. He never raised his voice that loud. Ever.

Jesus rushed back to his room and pushed the water gun under his bed. He pulled the covers on himself and tried to get some sleep, but it was impossible.

In the room next door the moms had heard everything.

"Stef what are we going to tell them?" Lena asked her wife as she turned to face her.

"We are going to lay down the law. We are going to say that they need to get it together." Lena nodded and turned back and drifted off to sleep.

At about 1:30 am the moms woke up to what sounded like glass breaking. They rushed out into the hallway and noticed that the kids who shared room where out too. They all rushed into Brandon's room and saw a sight that no parent ever would want to see.

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