Chapter 1.

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I've been doing a little last minute packing for about an hour. This is so damn stressful, way more stressful than I thought. I put my iPhone 5c on the bed and got up. I turned on the tv and sighed, I'm really going to miss Cali. I've known this place all my life ; it's going to be hard for me. I put my tight curly hair into a messy bun and grabbed my phone to call my bestfriend Briauna. I dialed her number and it rung four times before she answered. "

"H-hello." she semi moaned. "Ew bitch you're fuckin disgusting " I laughed and hung up on her. I wasn't surprised though, Bri doesn't care about anything. I decided to text her what I was going to tell her before she answered the phone moaning 'n shit.

" My flight leaves first thing in the morning and I wanna see you tonight bae :(" ~ Chantelle.


About an hour and a half later I got a text from Bri saying that she'd be here in twenty minutes. I unlocked the door and sat downstairs in my living room waiting for her. I turned on the tv and flicked through channels until I landed on "Basketball Wives" . I swear these women act like they have no sense sometimes. That's a damn shame. I heard Bri's signature knock at the door making me smile. "It's opened!" I yelled. Bri walked in and straddled my lap immediately pouting. "I'm gonna miss you baby. I'm gonna miss all the times we had. All the things we've been through together, good and bad. I don't want you to leave me Telle." she said sadly. I began to tear up , "I'm going to miss you too love. I'm gonna miss you more than anything. You know I wouldn't leave you if I had a choice, but I don't Bri. Promise you'll stay out of trouble when I'm gone. " I wiped my face. "I promise. " she said smiling.


Me and Bri stayed up until about 4am , just talking about any and everything. My flight leaves in an hour , and Im having a hard time getting out of bed. I looked over at Bri and saw her crying silently. "Aww baby c'mereeee" I held my arms out wide to hug her. She hugged my around my waist, "I don't want you to leaveee" she sobbed. "I know bitch, but I have to. You know that I love you and if it was up to me, I wouldn't be going." I told her wiping her tears. "And stop crying, you're making this a lot harder for me than it already is bae." I said hugging her tight. She finally stopped crying and let go of my waist. "I'll visit you whenever I can. " she sighed.  "Me too, love" I smiled. "Now help me put my bags in the car please." I said getting up and grabbing two suitcases and pushing them down the stairs. Bri grabbed the last two and did the same. I went back inside of my room and grabbed my backpack, phone , and beats. Me and Bri put my bags in the trunk and then helped my little brother and sister put theirs in. They're only four, and they're twins. I love them more than anything. I'll kill a motherfucka for them if I had to. I put them in their car seats and faced Bri. "I love you, don't get into any trouble Bri. I'm serious. Always use protection because I know you.and ya' nasty ass boyfriend always fuckin' and you don't need a damn baby! " I laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know bitch. I'm gonna miss you sooooo much and I love you more! " she said hugging me tight. I kissed her cheek and got in the car . I blew kisses to her as we sped off.


When we landed in New York , I was so relieved. That long ass flight was uncomfortable as fuck. I turned my phone on and stood up grabbing my backpack. I picked up Dontae, my little brother and walked off. with the rest of my family following behind. After we got all of our luggage from baggage claim, we then started to drive to our new home. The scenery was much different from the one in Cali. When we got to out new home, it was a lot better than I expected. I still have my own bedroom, thank the lord, Dontae and Aaliyah share a room, and of course my mom and stepfather have theirs. I sat in my room staring out the window thinking about my old life. I went outside and decided to take a walk when a fine ass nigga caught my eye. I seemed to catch his too 'cause he was staring mighty hard. I laughed to myself and walked back home. "I wonder if I'll be seeing him again. " I thought to myself before letting sleep take over me.

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