Chapter 8

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Jada' Pov-

I woke up with a strong hunger for poptarts and a bad headache. My shirt was wet with tears from crying myself to sleep earlier. Which would explain my headache. I pushed myself off the couch and walked off into the kitchen, My dog following behind me. I received a water bottle from the fridge and leaned against the counter. The tv was on the late night news channel but I wasn't interested in what the score was for football. Nor did I care. My pain throbbed with an ignorable pain. It hurt but not enough to complain. I stood staring at my feet for what felt like an hour when I heard the recognizable ring come from the living room. 

I scattered to the couch and tore the couch cushion off of the spot where I was once asleep to reveal my phone ringing and Lay's number on the screen. I picked it up and held it to my ear to hear the same voice that told me he loved me. "Hello."

"Jada, hey. I'm sorry about earlier, I'm sorry about what I said"


"And I shouldn't have said it and I'm sorry." He sounded like he was in a rush to say this but we had all the time in the world.

"I'm not mad." I cleared my throat. 

"Good." I giggled. "Do you wanna like go somewhere?" 

I looked to the clock on the wall to see it was 2 in the morning and it would be a little odd for us to be walking around in the middle of the night. "Lay, you do realize it is 2 in the morning." I heard him chuckle quietly making me smile at how cute he was.

"And? I have somewhere I wanna take you." He said. "But it's kind of...Different." I furrowed my eyebrows as if he could see me. 

"Ok, What kind of place is it? Is it illegal?" I asked.

"Not excatly."

"Can we get hurt?" 

"I won't let that happen." So we can but I'm going to depend on Lay to keep me safe. 


"I'll be there in 5 minuets. Wear a hoodie." With that he hung up. What if I didn't have a hoodie? I do but he just assumed I had one.

I took my hoodie from the closet by the door and sat on the stairs that led up to my room also known as this houses' attic. In a few minuets there was a slow knock at the door. I pulled my hood on over my hair and followed Lay, who was in a black hoodie, out to his car where his lights were still on.

We drove down the back road by my old middle school. The ride was silent with quiet music on the radio filling in the fact none of us were talking. Soon enough Lay stopped in front of a large concrete building. People walked in and out of it. Some girls were sitting on the trunks of cars as guys yelled and threw bottle at eachother. I sunk into my seat in nervousness. "It's ok. They won't bother you as long as you stay with me." He took my hand in his and parked the car next to a tree and another red car. "I come here all the time. You'll be fine." He said before getting out of the car and made his way to my side where he opened the door and motioned me to follow him.

Loud yelling came from all over. Girls were in shorts that barely covered their asses and guys in tank tops and looked like they haven't showered in weeks. The smell was a foul smell of sweat and blood, nothing like Lay's matches I go to. "What's up, animal." I turned to see Lay perform a handshake with a guy who looked as decent as Lay did. "Jada this is Animal. Animal this is my Manager's assistant Jada." He placed his hands on my back and pulled me into a hug, patting my back before letting go. 

Lay's Pov-

I loved coming to the ITCOM. Leo would take me here when I was around 13 and I learned the names of the important fighters and owners. Jada looked around nervously as the yelling echoed from the other room where the match between Brandy and Russell took on. I took her hand and pulled her closer to me as Animal and I made our way to go watch. 

The ring was placed in the middle of the floor with some lights on the two boxing bare hand. I'd never think of doing this. I may be our best boxer but I'm nothing without gloves. Without gloves and going at another human being I'm a coward and this is a fight between to people. I'd rather talk it out. Jada's eyes were big as Brand knocked Russell down again. People threw garbage into the ring and broke glass in anger. Russell is bigger than Brandy and if I didn't know better I would have bet my money on Russell. That's what people do here. Waste their money they make for working, but that's no skin off ITCOM's back. The owners were millionaires with the ignorant people who bet their food away. 

Everything was loud when all of a sudden the place went silent. No one moved as Brandy stood over the limp body in front of him. Blood poured from his mouth and covered both him,Brandy and the ground. "Oh my god." Jada gasped once she finally caught sight of the body. The speakers turned on with a crackle.

Brandy, 18 years old and fresh out of high school has won this round.

Some people groaned others threw bottle at the walls next, while others cheered watching Brandy smile cockily. This skinny kid who looked as if he'd spend his days reading stood in front of a drunken crowd and beat their best boxer only walking away with a few cuts and a bloody nose.  "So why did you bring Jada along with you?" Animal whispered in my ear as the cheering died down a little as  people started to split, waiting for the next match to take place.

"Just as a friend." I looked to Jada who was fiddling with her hands cutely as some people walked past her. Animal nodded and walked  off in another direction.

"Lay!" I heard a familiar voice yell from somewhere  in the crowd. I looked around to see my scrawny best friend LuHan. As much as I came here so did him. "Whats up kid?" He called me kid even though I was two years older  than him. I grabbed  his hand and pulled him in close. "Wan, want  to talk with you." He said seriously. Wan was the main owner. He was well known for...well... everything.  I looked at LuHan noticing his smile disappeared and replaced with a serious face. I nodded and pulled Jada next to my to whisper in he  ear.

"Im only going to be gone for second." She looked at me, all color drained from her face.

"Please don't leave me here." She begged.

"Ill be right back." I kissed her forehead and  turned to follow LuHan toward the blocked off staircase. I felt terrible for leaving her. I said I wouldn't and I did. She looked so scared here and it made my stomach hurt.

I was pulled by the arm of Luhan up the stairs to a door I've seen before. The door opened slowly to reveal an  pudgy looking guard and Wan sitting at the desk. "Hi Lay, never thought Id see you again." He stood up holding his hand out for a hug. With him you had to be cautious. He could just stab and knife in my back, but I went into the hug to come away with no knives. "Sit."

I sat back in a old wooden chair in front of him. LuHan next to me "Well I've heard your career has taken off well. Am I right?" I nodded slowly, a smile spread across his face. "Thats good." He sighed. "You look scared. Why?"

"Im not." I lied as I adjusted myself in the seat.

"Nothing bad Lay, we'd just like a favor."

"I shouldn't be doing favors." I said quietly

"you owe us."

"What favor?"

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