Chapter 7: Hostage

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They grabbed me and covered my head with a black bag. I tried screaming but I knew no one would come. I was in a private area of the gardens, no one comes here except for me. So I listened and I concentrated. They hauled me into a big vehicle and drove off. I calculated...straight...30mph...5 seconds....turn right...40mph..."10 seconds..."

"Shut up! Bica what is she doing?" One of the men asked another person called Bica. I continued to calculate out loud to scare them.

"She's counting. She figures she can help her guards find her by telling them the way." He pushed me to the floor of the vehicle. "Its smart girl but they aren't coming. We all learnt that ages ago, that we need to do things on our own to get things done." He kicked me in my stomach, I groaned. He lifted the bag off my face and grabbed my neck. He slammed me onto the wall and laughed. "It's such a shame. You're so pretty. Dark hair, beautiful body...We could just let you join our gang." I kicked him as hard as I could and he backed away. Two others took my hands and put it behind my back. I screamed and struggled against their strength. "Aha! You're feisty...I like it." He told his followers to put me up against the van wall. Then he carassed my cheek.

"You know, what makes you weak is that you only fire on hate and the fact that you're useless by yourself." I retort. His hand left my face.

"A little too feisty for your own good." He put the bag back on my head and pushed me down onto the chair.



"Ok, so you're assined to..Princess Miruka. Well done! She's very sweet. You'll fit right in. You got 100% on all your tests Ky! Thats amazing. Here's a map to the whole castle. The red dot is her bedroom." The man gave me a paper map, I folded it up and put it safely in my pocket.

"I'll get going then." I made my way to her bedroom. After one look I calculated the distance to her bedroom and the nearest exit. For emergencys, the most important is her safety when your her private security guard. Which I am now.

I knock on the door.

"Princess Miruka? I'm your new bodyguard." I was greeted by silence. "Are you not decent?" I teased. Once again there was silence. A waiter passed me, then stopped and looked back.

"Are you the Princess's new bodyguard? She has gone to the gardens. She always does at this hour, she goes to the flower beds and trees because she said 'She can get privacy there'" He says.

"So you're saying she's alone? That's not good." I rush down the steps and into the gardens. I follow the waiter's directions. The nearest gate was open. Not good. Not good. I run outside and see car tyre marks. Theres no time to get backup. So I run. I follow my instincts and the tyre marks that appear from time to time. I hope i'm not too late.


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