I Think I Remember...

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I struggle to remember what it was like to be human, the breeze flowing through my dark hair. I remember the light in my eyes, sometimes annoying, but beautiful at sunset. I remember the feeling I get when my boyfriend would hold my hand, I thought we were going to get married after college and grow old with children together. We planned it all out. I even got my dress for prom picked out. He said I looked like the most beautiful flower of the whole meadow he had ever seen. My dress had blue lining flowers that created the strap around my left shoulder. It was light blue and as it flowed to the floor it became an even darker blue and at the very bottom was little black flowers. Between each blue flower on the outline on the top was a small shining diamond. I wore my hair in a bun, and holding that bun was two light blue flower pins my mother gave me. I felt proud wearing them and brave. I miss that feeling, I know now that I will never get it back though.

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