Chapter 10: Truth

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"How do you know this?" Kestrel asked, confused. I gulped. Did I want to face the truth?

"It's obvious isn't it? Both of my parents are human. Apparently, I'm half human half vampire. This means obviously my parents are supernatural." I said, the lump in my throat growing larger. "I'm going to confront my parents."

"Are you sure that's the best thing to do?" Erin said, an unsure expression on her face.

"Of course it is! They should have told me when I turned sixteen, or even before!" I yelled, anger pulsing through me.

"Just calm down, my sweet girl." Sylvia said, wrapping me in a hug. That's when I gave in. All my anger turned into pain. The tears began to fall and my sobs cried out through the room. For a while, Sylvia's held me, stroking my hair. It was all too much to take in in one day. The truth that vampires existed, that I was half vampire myself, that a vampire wanted my blood and that I was adopted. It was safe to say that I learnt too much in one day.

* * * * *

"I've informed the school that you all won't be going back today due to personal reasons and you'll all be back tomorrow. I've also informed your parents, Erin and Rowan. I told them Kestrel felt ill and lonely. I didn't tell your parents George, I just presumed..." Sylvia explained.

"Oh, it's okay. They died in 1919." George said. Wow. When was George born?

"Oh, I'm sorry-"

"Don't worry. They tried to kill me when I turned into a vampire. I hated them."

"Thank you, anyway Grams." Kestrel said, pecking her Grandmother on the cheek. I smiled my thank you and went back to picking at my sandwich.

"I don't understand," I said. "I'm half vampire so why don't I crave blood? Why doesn't sunlight burn me? Why doesn't crosses burn me? Or holy water?"

"All educated witches and vampires have heard about you, my dear child. The witch, your real mother and her coven performed a spell that would bind your vampiric powers until your eighteen and the spell also kept you hidden." Sylvia explained. Silence was cast across the kitchen.

"Hidden? Hidden from who?" I demanded, a little too loud. Sylvia gulped.

"Maybe I should-"

"Tell me!" I cried.

"Rowan, calm down." Kestrel said sternly, taking a step towards me. "Don't take this out on my Grams."

"I-I'm sorry." I said. "I'm just so tired. I'm tired of everything!"

"It's okay, my sweet child." Sylvia whispered and patted my head. "I'll tell you."

We all sat down at the large table, George, Erin, Kestrel, Sylvia and I. Sylvia smiled and begun explaining.

"Your real father is a vampire. As you're wondering, it's impossible for vampires to have babies. But you're father; Godrik is the first vampire ever. He never died to become a vampire like the rest of them, so he could still reproduce, but he was oblivious. When he seduced your birth mother Maria, she was a witch and she was oblivious that he was the first vampire and she fell pregnant. When she discovered his identity, she was going to get rid of you, thinking you'd be an evil vampire child. But she sensed the good in you. The power you held. She decided to keep you and after she gave birth, word got to Godrik that he had a baby daughter. His own witch that worked for him told him that your blood gave pure immortality so he set off to get you. You're mother feared for your life so she gave you up for adoption and cast a binding spell to lock your vampire half deep inside of you, until you're eighteen. By doing this, Godrik can't find you as you're vampire half isn't triggered yet." Sylvia explained. It was the longest speech I had heard Sylvia say.

"My blood gives immortality?" I asked in shock.

"I thought you knew?"

"Well, I've been finding out many things I wish weren't true lately." I told her. "But if my vampire half is locked deep inside of me, how can my blood still give immortity? Because that's what that crazy vampire girl wanted from me wasn't it?"

"Alexia Portridge." George said.

"Even though your vampire half is hidden away, doesn't mean your blood is any different." Sylvia said.

"Anyway like I said, he found out your blood gives pure immortality, he tried to seek you out, to drain your blood. So your Mother and her coven performed a ritual to bind your vampiric powers and senses. Godrik found your Mother and..." Sylvia stopped.


"He killed her."


Sylvia frowned. "I am so sorry, child." She put her hand on mine and smiled sympathetically. I smiled back, that's all I could do.

"So are you saying as soon as I turn eighteen, Godrik can find me?" I asked.

"Yes. But he won't find you straight away. He's probably got a witch working for him and trying to locate you once every month or so." Sylvia explained. "But he will find you either on your birthday or very soon after."

"Thank you for telling me this, Sylvia." I said.

"Oh, sweet child! Call me Grams!" She cried and wrapped me in a hug. I found enough happiness in me to laugh. But that laugh took the last of it. As soon as our hug broke, I went back to being depressed and unhappy.

"I'm going to go home." I told them and wiped my eyes, tired and drained.

"I'll drive with you. To make sure you're safe." Said George. I gave Erin and Kestrel a hug and left the large manor with George at my side. We walked to my car and George offered to drive; so I accepted.

The journey seemed to go quick and before I knew it, we were parked outside my house. George handed me the keys as we got out of the car. I locked it. George patted my shoulder and disappeared in a second.

Vampiric speed, I remembered.

I walked slowly across my front lawn, ignoring my mother's past moans at not taking the foot path. I walked through the door and entered the kitchen to find my parents sat at the dining table.

"Hey, Rowan." Mom said, flicking through her magazine.

"Hello, Susie. Hi Mark." I said to my parents. The flicking of my Mom's magazine stopped. My Father's humming went silent.

"Did you just call us by our actual names?" Dad cried, frowning.

"Do you know how disrespectful that is? We're your parents, Rowan!" Mom snapped. I shook my head in disbelief.

"Are you? Are you sure about that Susie?" I sneered. I knew this would hurt them but I didn't care. I was too angry. Too tired. Too done with everything.

"Stop it Rowan!" Dad shouted but I ignored him.

"Oh, please! I know I'm adopted!" I shouted back. Mom dropped her magazine. Dad's mouth dropped open.

"Rowan, you have it wrong-"

"Stop! Just stop lying to me!" I yelled, brushing my fingers through my hair.

"Okay, okay! You deserved to know! You're adopted!There, I said it! What else do you want?" Dad cried loudly.

"What else do I want? I want parents who actually tell their daughter that they're adopted!" I screamed and stormed out of the kitchen and up the steps. I strode into my room and slammed the door. I wasn't planning on staying.

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