Chapter 9: Realisation

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"Quick! We need to move fast!" I shrieked, racing for the open church doors. Kestrel, Erin and George were at my feet as we ran into the graveyard as fast as we could. We stopped and turned, to see Alexia walking fast towards the church doors, and any second she would run at us with her vampiric super speed. Alexia's knees bent slightly, signalling her preparation to run at us.

"No!" Kestrel roared and slapped out her palm at the air. The air rippled, as if her slap actually made solid contact and Alexia stumbled back from an invisible barrier.

"Go!" Kestrel cried and we continued to race between the gravestones and into Fallset Woods. My legs seemed to never get tired but Kestrel and Erin were heavily panting. Eventually, we made it to the car and we literally jumped inside. Erin slammed the door shut just as Alexia reached us.

"Drive drive drive!" Erin screamed and I slammed my foot on the pedal, and we set off at a loud screech. We raced down Lane and through Old Park Lane, skidding around the corner and into the main road. I looked in the wing mirror and let out a sigh of fear. I saw Alexia racing behind us in a black BMW. I sped up, a few cars swerving out of my way as I turned on to Clyde Way; a couple of streets away from my own house. Alexia followed but luckily, my driving was skillful.

"Take a turn here!" George yelled and I obeyed him, turning onto Martina Bridge, driving as fast as I could. We crossed the bridge and raced through several streets and onto the main road again; Alexia's car still in sight.

We took a turn off of the road and we slowed down at 66 Sunway Street and we piled out of the car, sprinting towards Kestrel's large manor house. I looked back to see Alexia diving out of her vehicle. One more giant push and I sprinted with the last of my energy and fell over the threshold, seconds before Alexia bounced from the invisible barrier of Kestrel's house.

"Oops, you're not invited in." I laughed and slammed the door shut in her face.

"What's all this?" Kestrel's Grams said, joining us at the front door.

"There's a vampire chasing us, Grams. The vampires like the ones you told me about. She's outside the house!" Kestrel cried. Sylvia's expression turned cold and I saw the power in her face. The door swung open by itself; probably by Sylvia's magic and Sylvia walked out into the garden. That's when I realised George wasn't present.

"Grams no!" Kestrel cried.

"Where's your Mom?" Asked Erin.

"Shopping." Kestrel replied as we watched Sylvia. She smiled at Alexia.

"Oh, this is your way to stop me? A fragile old woman?" Alexia laughed as Sylvia's silver hair blew in the wind.

"Fragile?" Sylvia repeated with a raised eyebrow. Sylvia raised her hand muttered a few words. Then, Alexia soared backwards and landed on her ass. I admitted, Sylvia looked magestic, powerful and definitely badass. Alexia jumped to her feet and ran towards Sylvia but she used the same spell Kestrel had used. The air rippled and Alexia stumbled back from the magical barrier Sylvia had conjured. Sylvia released the barrier and stared at the angry vampire. All of a sudden, Alexia had Sylvia in head lock, pressing hard on her neck as the old woman struggled against her grasp. George then appeared out of nowhere and tackled Alexia to the ground, both going down with fangs and snarling. Sylvia gasped and shouted some words I couldn't understand and Alexia went rolling across the lawn. She got to her feet, snarling.

"Witch!" Alexia roared and glared at us at the doorway. "I'll have your blood, Rowan Thorpe. I'll slaughter the whole town if I have to!"

With that, Alexia turned on her heel and disappeared into the day.

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