Chapter 7: Light Reading

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The morning air was crisp and refreshing, like breathing in holding your breath and breathing for the first time. George had his eyes closed, embracing the early morning with his arms held out wide. The world seemed to welcome him; a gentle breeze rushing past his body.

Hoping Alexia wouldn't come and disrupt his peaceful moment, George sniffed the air and he smelt everything. The strong smell of morning coffees from a thousand households, the aroma of breakfast cereal swirling through his senses, the overpowering stench of polished shoes and tea and toast. The smell of dying grass in the Summer, the scent of orange juice and the smell of wood from the trees that had been carried through the wind.

He finally opened my eyes and sped off. He sprinted through the woods, dodging trees as he ran with high velocity; so fast George was a blur. He came out at the other end to the woods and dived into the air so humans wouldn't notice him. George ran from roof to roof, travelling through Martina Bay via roof travel; free running. He soared from the last roof and landed on his feet neatly at the edge of the school gates. Unseen by any students, he entered campus and walked up to the bench he and the gang sat on regularly. Not soon after, Leah and Lukas approached him and sat at the bench; their fingers locked together. They didn't speak; he was glad of that. He treasured the silence of the morning.

* * * * *


"I'm so glad you're back," Cordelia said, rummaging through her locker. "This week has been so boring without you!"

I smiled, piling my books into the locker shelves as Cordelia adjusted her hair in her mirror. "And I'm meant to stop the boredom how?"

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean."

I closed my locker door and followed Cordelia down the corridor and into the library. She pulled out a chair at the table at the end corner an the library and we sat down. Cordelia piled all of our books onto the round wooden table.

"Hooray, History revision!" Cordelia said sarcastically and opened her History exercise book. I followed suit and pulled out my pen and opened one of the text books.

"Hitler sounds like an ass." Cordelia muttered as she wrote down some key facts about the hocaust.

"Agreed," I replied. "Are these the only text books we've got?"

"Yup, but there'll be some in this library."

I nodded and walked from the table and to the History section of the library. I traced my finger across the 'H' list of the History section as I looked for Holocaust.

"Henry the eighth, Henry the seventh, History of Martina Bay..." I muttered out loud. I traced my finger across the book titles and stopped at the History of Martina Bay section. I looked at the book title again and read:

History of Martina Bay: The Supernatural.

I read the title again three times before I pulled the book out. The front cover was a birds eye view of the small town and the word 'evil' written over the map. I opened it to the first chapter and read:

Martina Bay has always been a place of supernatural. Due to the Ley Lines in this sleepy town, many varieties of supernatural are attracted here as with owning this town, comes a place of power. Witches have kept the town safe from the end of the 1800s and have done to this day. Protecting a town from evil vampires and many other evils isn't an easy job.

Vampires? This was getting weird.

For centuries, a power struggle over who possesses the Stone of Pandora has gotten any people killed. Though many know the stone is deep in the tunnels of Martina Bay, nobody is able to access the cave.

Moving on, the destiny of the Dhampir girl is still yet to appear. It is said, a young girl who is half human, half vampire will grow to be a protector of Martina Bay. This girl is the only known half breed the world has seen and many vampires want her blood as comes with her blood, is pure immortality to other vampires(even though she's not purely immortal herself).

This girl, only half vampire can drink blood but also feed on human nutrients. She has the strength of a full vampire and other abilities and can live forever, unless killed. Many evils will try to possess the town and get her blood and it is prophesied that the dhampir girl won't be targeted until she's eighteen and the spell her Mother performed to keep her hidden will disappear.

"What are you doing?" Cordelia asked, appearing beside me. I jumped and closed the book. "How long does it take to get a stupid book?"

I ran finger along the titles and pulled out three Holocaust text books and followed Cordelia back to the table. I opened the first text book and began to write.

* * * * *


Erin stared Samuel in the eye. She was watching his every move. He swung his fist around but Erin caught it and threw him into the wall with a kick to the chest. Sam laughed and rolled and jumped to his feet. He dodged a punch from Erin and hit her in the chin the the palm of his hand. Erin gritted her teeth and side-kicked him in the hip; sending him to the ground with a gasp. Erin stood over him and pressed her elbow to his throat.

"Give up?" Erin said, flirtatiously and his hair tickled his face gently. Samuel grinned and nodded. Erin should have stood up then, but she felt comfortable, sat on top of Samuel, smiling. Then, their lips met and nothing seemed to matter around them. Their lips melted into one another, soft and tender and sweet. Samuel's arm slowly stroked its way down Erin's back and-


She smacked his hand from just above her buttocks and he looked at her, startled.

"Oh my God, Erin. I am so sorry."

"Yeah. Me too." Erin replied, pulling her hair into a pony tail. Without another word, she grabbed her bag with her clothes in and walked out of the training hall. She walked straight past the changing rooms and escaped into the cool dark evening.

Soon enough, Erin reached her car and leant against it and sighed. She was about to get into her car when something caught her attention. Something was watching her from the darkness of the shadows. She saw the eyes and pressed her back to the car, frozen on the spot. Then, the eyes shot towards her and Erin screamed.

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