Chapter 6: The Fall

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"Rowan? Rowan are you awake?" I heard a faint voice say. I glided towards consciousness and my eyes fluttered open to reveal Kestrel's face looking down on me. My other group of friends was behind her, staring at me in worry.

"Your parents are on their way." George said, assuring me. Ugh, great.

"Oh, right." I replied and Cordelia passed me a mini-mirror. She knew me too well.

I examined my face in the mirror; my face had a long red cut across my forehead and bruises had appeared along my cheekbones and chin. I had one black eye and I had a cast on my arm, from where I had broken it from the fall.

"This had to happen to me." I groaned.

"Oh, honey. It's gonna be okay, it's only a couple of bruises...and a deep cut...and a broken arm... But that's beside the point. You still look beautiful!" Leah cried awkwardly.

"I'm going to look awful for the party." I said.

"Hey! Kestrel couldn't you use a spell to make her wounds disappear, if you can use personal gain?" Erin suggested. Kestrel rolled her yes.

"Erin, I can't make up a spell to make wounds disappear. I'm not a witch from Charmed!" Kestrel laughed. Erin laughed back at her.

"Hey- Charmed is amazing!" Leah cried.

"It's still hard to believe that you're a witch at all." Erin giggled.

"Well you better believe it." Kestrel replied and focused hard on glass of water on my side table. Her eyes narrowed and she flicked out her finger. Then, a few splashes of water flew onto Erin and she squeeled.

"Not fair Kestrel!" Erin said, shaking the water from her body.

Kestrel winked mischievously. It was night outside; around eleven pm.

"We need a bit of a glow in here. Can someone light the candles?" I asked, my arm aching.

"I'll go find some matches-"

"No need." Kestrel interrupted George. She stared at the candles and she squinted her eyes. Her eyes began to narrow and a small shimmer appeared in them. I heard her whisper a word ( Ignis) which I thought was 'fire' in Latin and the candles lit, out of no where.

I flinched as the flame burst into light, amazed at the reality of witnessing her magic.

"That is so cool!" Leah exclaimed excitedly, clapping her hands together. Cordelia began muttering in agreement and they disappeared away to the vending machines, George following them.

"You're powers have grown already." I told Kestrel in amazement.

"Grams has been teaching me how to control and use my magic." Kestrel told me.

"Maybe she can teach you how to stop me freaking out and having a bad fall?" I joked with a laugh.

Erin smiled at me. "Don't joke, I was so worried about you after you fell."

"Me too." Kestrel added.

"I'm okay, trust me," I assured them. I heard some familiar voices growing towards me. "But I'll need to convince my parents more."

Erin and Kestrel mouthed the word sorry and left me to get fussed over by my parents.This was going to be hell.

* * *

"This is the most rarest case I've ever seen." The doctor said. "Most of the cuts and bruises have nearly disappeared and the broken arm is no longer broken. I guess we did the X-Ray wrong."

My bruises now looked three weeks old and my broken arm was just bruised. I had healed extremely fast within six hours. I had asked Kestrel if she had done some magic tricks on me but I knew when she was being honest; she hadn't healed me.

Later, I was allowed to go home. At first, I pleaded to go to Kestrel's house but Mom was as stubborn as usual. So for the next few days, I stayed at home instead of going to school. And for the first time in my life, I would have preferred to go instead of been stuck inside.

It was Wednesday evening, at 7pm, I was stood out on small balcony that came from my bedroom, when I saw a woman in the garden. She was staring up at me, dark eyed and evil-looking.

"Hey!" I yelled at the stranger. She stared at me, face guarded under her hood. I could see her long golden hair falling down to her back, circling and beautiful.

"Hey, you!?" I cried. The clouds passed the moon, casting shadow over the cloaked woman. When the moonlight came back out, the stranger was gone.


Erin held up her fists, keeping her guard up as she watched her trainer's fists. He swung a punch at Erin; she ducked and kicked at his ankles. He gasped and he crashed to the floor hard. Groaning, Samuel propped his body up onto his elbows.

"You've gotten good, Erin. You're a really gold fighter." Samuel said and she held out a hand. He token it an Erin pulled him to his feet.

"You think so?" Erin said, feeling proud.

"I know so. You're exceptional; with fantastic strength too." Samuel said smiling.

"If you keep at this, you'd be strong enough to be a Slayer." Sam added, patting her on her shoulder.

"A slayer?"

"You know about the supernatural in Martina Bay, don't you?" Sam asked. Erin shrugged.

"One of my best friends is a witch. That's it. I know there's other things out there, but I tend to turn a blind eye. But I've never thought about becoming a Slayer." Erin explained, adjusting her long blond pony tail. Samuel smiled.

"It's your choice. I'm just saying, if you keep training, I can get you stronger, and better at fighting until you'll be strong enough to battle vampires and other evil."

"I'm sorry. I don't want that. Besides, you sound like a crazy man." Erin replied and stood up. She gave Sam one last look and walked out of the training hall.

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