I stood there uneasily as I watched the dark shadowed figure slowly begin to approach me. He is known in our town, let’s just say he has some sort of reputation. He’s more infamous than famous in fact. No one knows exactly what he has done except for a few people, his story is like a game of broken telephone. It’s always changing as it gets told from one person to another and so on. I can’t help but wonder what he has done that makes everyone look down upon him, though I never have dared to ask why. Something inside of me ensured myself that I must be better off not knowing. Many people talked, warning me about his being, as well as questioning his sanity. You never know what he could do to you if you ever got too close. I have distanced myself from this specimen for those specific reasons.

                They called him Harry,

                I had never met Harry before.

                That was true until this very moment, right now,

                I felt my body quiver as my feet took a few steps back. Even his presence brought an unwanted chill to this room. I finally had a minimal amount of space left for me to move in, leaving me stuck, here, alone with Harry. Suddenly, I felt a hand, his hand rub against the side of my cheek. My body stiffened, and let out a whimper.


                This wasn’t right.

                “Why hello sweetheart,” Though I could not see him, I refused to open my eyes, I knew he had a smirk plastered all over that sly face of his.

                “You shouldn’t be here,” I whispered, finally building the courage to gaze into his bewildering eyes.

                I felt so powerless being next to him, and the thing that troubled me the most was the fact that there was nothing I could do about it. I wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

                His hand reached for my thigh, but then reality finally set in, and my mind went into self defense mode. I grasped his wrist as it was in mid-air, twisting it as I jerked it away from me.

                “Don’t ever touch me again, got it?” I demanded sternly. This tone of voice was one that I never used too often, unless it was necessary. In this case, it was.

                “You should leave now.”

                “Oh really?” Harry chuckled.

                Of course, even in situations like these Harry would amuse himself. Why am I even surprised? Why would I even stop and think he could ever care? He never will.

                I took in a deep breath, no matter how infuriating he was, I would not let him break me. After all, who did he think he was? Just prancing in here like he owned the place… I’ll tell you one thing, that boy had nerve.

                There was something about Harry that make me frightened during this encounter. I don’t know if it was the tattoos or the piercings, but it was most likely a bit of both. His body was covered in multiple, permanent tattoos. Though I did not know why he could ever get such things, they obviously had to mean something to him. Everyone has a story, he just has a different way in telling it, at least that’s what I assume. I hadn’t noticed before, but his eyebrow was pierced, as well as his two ear lobes and lower lip. The way he bit down on his lip ring intimidated me greatly, but I had to put aside my thoughts and get him out of here, as soon as possible.

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