Chapter 5: Power

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The rest of the week went fast. George had begun to hang with Kestrel and Kestrel seemed to like him. They both seemed to talk in private about things; like they were best friends. He was surprisingly good at history and continued to study me in peculiar ways. I didn't like it. It annoyed me.

On Sunday evening, I went back to Kestrel's house with Erin, Cordelia and Leah. We walked into the large manor, greeted by Kestrel's Mom and Grams.

"Hey." Sandy, Kestrel's Mom said. Her Grams smiled politely.

"I guess Kestrel has told you all of her witch psychic heritage?" Sylvia, her Grams said.

"Yeah, but we're finding it hard to believe." Cordelia admitted. We nodded in agreement.

"Come." Sylvia laughed and we followed her into a large hall. In the corner, was a large bookcase full of books on whatnot and a round table was in the centre of the hall.

"Kestrel, take my hands." Sylvia said.

"Mother, I don't think it's best for Kestrel-"

"Kestrel has chosen what her legacy will be. She wants to be a witch and learn." Sylvia hissed. Sandy rolled her eyes and let Grams continue.

"Kestrel, I now bless you with your full powers. You have now become a full witch of the Vine family as all other Vine witches have done." Sylvia said.

"You speak for yourself." Sandy muttered. That's when the wind picked up. All windows were closed but it still blew hard, blowing all of our hair backs. Then, Kestrel's hands lit up with bright light, glowing and shining like a billion stars.

Then the glowing stopped and Kestrel turned around to face us.

"Wow. I feel fully connected to my magic. It's true. I'm a witch." Kestrel laughed, as if it was too good to be true.

"Oh my God. What did I just see!" Leah laughed excitedly and wrapped Kestrel in a hug.

"That was totally awesome!" Erin cheered and Cordelia muttered in agreement.

"This was your choice remember, Kestrel. You're eighteen so I can't make you choose different. I just hope you don't regret your choice." Sandy murmured and gave us all a look-over. Then she sighed and left the room.

We all followed Kestrel into the lounge, slumping on the couches.

"So, it's your birthday in three months Rowan," Kestrel said. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know?" I said, biting my lip in deep thought.

"Oh my God!" Cordelia cried. "Let's throw a big party!"

"Yeah, a party but just us guys-"

"I'm creating a Facebook event!" Cordelia sang. "This is going to be ep-ic!"

"Okay, I guess. But it's not for three months. That's ages away." I gave in and Cordelia clapped her hands and shrieked like a seal.

"This is going to be amazing. I can't wait to tell Lukas!" Leah laughed.

Erin turned on the TV.

"Two college students were found murdered-"

"Turn it up!" Erin cried. Kestrel obeyed her and we all listened.

"The bodies were found in Martina River, the section that runs through Fallset Woods, half a mile from the Bay. There was stab wounds in the victims neck. For now, it's classified as murder but could potentially be an animal attack. More news tomorrow at ten am. This is Susie Farmston and this is Martina Bay News at six."

The adverts came on and we all sat there in silence. It was Leah who broke the silence.

"That is totally creepy." Leah cried. "I am so getting Lukas to come home with me after the party next week."

"Excuses, excuses..." Kestrel giggled and Leah shot her a cunning grin.

* * *

"My legs hurt." Leah groaned as we walked through Fallset Woods.

"We really shouldn't be here. Someone was murdered in these woods." Cordelia said.

"Where's the rebel in you, Cordelia? Besides, Kestrel's freaky magic powers can save us." Erin laughed.

"They're real powers." Kestrel protested.

"Hey- I aren't saying they're not!" Erin replied with a smile. Kestrel rolled her eyes and the breeze teased her hair.

Something dropped down to the ground from the branches above us, causing us all to scream. George.

"George! You idiot!" Cordelia yelled, half flirtatiously. George gave a half smile and shrugged.

"Hey, guys." He laughed and winked as he began to walk with is.

"Kestrel officially became a witch today." I told him.

"You guys believe in that stuff?" He asked.

"Yeah, to an extent." Erin admitted with a shrug.

The breeze picked up as the evening drew closer and closer and the cold came quicker and quicker.

Cordelia began to wander, looking at the berries on bushes and different types of flowers. Then, she screamed. It was an ear-piercing scream that haunted you in your dreams.

We raced towards her side.

"What is it?" I cried. Cordelia's traumatised face pointed to a dead body at the bottom of a tree. Written in blood was the word:


I gasped and began to take steps backwards in shock. I took too many steps. I fell back on a root in the ground and rolled over on the ground, only to find myself toppling and tumbling down a steep hill. I screamed as I rolled down, smashing through bushes and twigs et cetera. I finally reached the bottom but the worst wasn't over. I rolled over one last time and fell over a two metre drop, hitting my shoulder hard as I fell. When I landed, I felt my arm break and I rolled several times; hitting a tree trunk hard with the back of my head. My vision blurred and everything seemed to grow and shrink around me. When I heard voices getting nearer, I passed out.


Christopher Thorpe walked down Clyde Avenue and then turned the street corner and walked down the next street. Dusk was coming, as he made his way to Alice's; his sweet, gorgeous girlfriend. He dodged the window where her parents were and began to climb the tree outside of her house. He climbed up the branches and then slipped on to her balcony. He peeked through the gap in her curtains and saw that she was alone. She was just wearing a tee shirt and panties. He rapped on the balcony doors and she immediately came running. She opened the door and welcomed him in.

"Hey baby." She said and pulled him on to the bed. Their lips met, soft and slow. He ran his hand around the back of her neck whilst her hand ran through his hair. She granted entrance for his tongue as the kiss for more intense. She let out a happy sigh into his mouth as his other hand ran down her back. She broke the kiss slowly, out of breath and smiling.

"I love you." She said, smiling. He smiled back. She had long waist length white-blond hair and perfect blue eyes. Her teeth were gleaming white; she had the perfect figure. She was almost too-perfect.

"I love you too." Chris replied.

"I need to tell you something." Alice said. Chris raised an eyebrow.

"What is it?" He asked. Alice gulped.

"It's... It doesn't matter." Alice said with a smile. Chris nodded and their lips met again for a few seconds.

"How's you're sister?" Alice asked.

"She's fine. It's unfair that she's a year older than me, she gets to finish school first." Chris said. Alice laughed softly.

Chris leaned in and pressed his mouth against hers once more.

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