Chapter 2: Suspicions

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Kestrel raced out of the gym and into the changing room. She quickly changed back into her clothes in record time and put her bag over her shoulder. She looked into the mirror and a bewildered, confused girl looked back at her.

"What's happening to me?" She asked her mirror self. The handle to the changing room door turned. Rowan slipped into the room.

"Are you okay?" Rowan asked her. Kestrel turned around and smiled at her.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I saw the ball move. By itself. You didn't touch it."

"The windows must have been open." Kestrel assured her.

"...Yeah." Rowan agreed with a slow smile, but she wasn't convinced, Kestrel knew it. "It looked kinda cool though."

"Thank the windows." She laughed back. "I gotta go to the library for something, tell Miss Tard I felt sick. I'll be in next period. Seeya."

Kestrel walked out of the changing room with a tense expression on her face as Rowan called out her 'bye'.

Kestrel knew damn well the windows were closed.

When she arrived in the library, she hurried straight over to the computer section and went to the farthest one in the corner. She type in her username an password for the school system computers. After everything loaded up, Kestrel typed into Google; Telekinesis.

She found a definition:

Telekinesis; the ability to move objects or other solids with one's mind. If advanced, one can move a person, a group of people or larger objects such as vehicles. Sometimes if can be channelled from the mind through to the hands and fingers.

Kestrel then found some Youtube clips of people moving things with their minds, hands et cetera. There was a clip of a man using telekinesis to float into the air and a woman using the power to bend pencils.

Kestrel then looked at the unoccupied computer next to her. She stared at it, concentrating.

Move. Move!

It remained still. Kestrel inhaled deeply and then stretched out her hand. She pushed her hands forwards.

"Come on..." She muttered. She gave one more tiny push just to try to move it slightly. Then, it fell off of the stand and smashed on the floor. Sparks flew from the computer then it make a popping noise and it died.

Gob-smacked, Kestrel grabbed her things and escaped out of the library, heart racing.

* * *


I was glad the school day was nearly over. It gave me chance to go home and write in my diary. Kestrel, Erin and I were in the car, driving back from Martina Bay High when's cell phone rang. I answered it immediately.

"Yup?" I said down the phone. At the other end, my Mother cleared her throat.

"Rowan, we're going out for dinner tonight so come straight home." Mom told me.

"Sure. I'll be home in fifteen minutes."

My Mom muttered something I didn't hear and she hung up. I stored my cell phone in my bag.

"What was all the tension about with new guy George?" Erin asked Kestrel. Kestrel shrugged from the back seat.

"It's nothing... I just had a bad feeling about him. Maybe it's me being a witch?" Kestrel replied. Erin smiled broadly.

"You believe that crap then, huh?" Erin laughed. Kestrel shrugged again and examined her polished nails.

"I don't know what to believe. Today in volleyball, I made the ball move without even hitting it. And in the library, I pushed over a computer, without even moving it." Kestrel explained.

"I knew I wasn't seeing things! And wow really? Poor computer." I said.

"Yeah, plus I've been having so many weird dreams and things happening to me lately, so I don't know what to believe." Kestrel said.

"What kind of dreams?" Erin asked in curiosity.

"It doesn't matter." She replied quickly. Erin continued to drive,

"Hey! You've got a fly on your shoulder." Kestrel said and brushed it off quickly. When she met contact with me, she gasped; her eyes closed. When she opened them, she stared at me curiously.

"You're off out to dinner tonight aren't you?" Kestrel said as her hand left my shoulder.

"How did you-"

"I don't know. I'm freaking out. How did I know that?" Kestrel cried in horror. I shrugged.

"Maybe you overheard my Mom on the phone without realising?" I suggested.

"Yeah, that's probably it." Erin said to Kestel.

"Or maybe it is my witch senses?" Kestrel suggested. "Oh, God. I sound like a crazy person."

Silence overtook the Volvo for a few minutes. My throat was itchy but I didn't dare cough; I didn't want the silence to break.

"Did your Mom say where you and your family was going?" Kestrel asked, breaking the silence. I shook my head and added:


"Well, it's weird how I know this, but your going to Barry's." Kestrel said. "And I really hope I'm wrong."

I gulped and gave her a quick nod, not sure of what to say. Erin pulled in at Clyde Avenue and I released my seat belt.

"See you guys tomorrow." I said and shut the car door. Waving, Erin drove down the street and Kestrel's worried face vanished around the corner.

Sighing, I walked up the path to my front door and walked into the house. My parents were in the lounge, my brother on one of the arm chairs. My parents were sat on the couch, with a list of restaurants.

"Where are we going tonight?" I asked.

"We don't know yet." Dad replied, sucking on his pen.

Thank God, they haven't chose Barry's. I thought.

"This restaurant seems nice." Mom muttered and we leant over the leaflet. On the leaflet were pictures of dishes and deserts, and drinks of all kind. There was a picture of the restaurant and the staff stood outside, smiling proudly. I looked at the name of the restaurant and my heart skipped a beat. The name of the restaurant was:


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