Chapter 1: First Day

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The Monday morning was a bright one, and so was my mood. After I had pulled back my curtains and the sun exploded into my bedroom, I smiled. It was a new day of school and the weekend had been long. I never really looked forward to school but today, something felt different. I was dressed before my Mom shouted me down for breakfast; which was pointless because I never ate it. No matter how many times she called me down for breakfast, I only drank my coffee.

Tying my brown hair into a long pony tail, I jumped down the steps two at a time. When I entered the kitchen, my Mother observed my choice of clothing.

Skinny jeans, pumps and an overly cute purple tee-shirt.

My Mom nodded at me and I laughed inside my head; like I needed her permission to wear something. I downed my coffee desperately, cringing at the mingled taste of caffeine and toothpaste. I slammed the cup into the dishwasher way too loudly and pecked my Mom on the cheek.

"Bye, Mom." I muttered, pulling on my jacket and grabbing my bag.

"Bye, asshole." My 15 year old brother, Chris said under his breath. I shot him a dark look and retreated into the sunny, breezy morning of March.

Like always, I left my car next to Mom's and jogged over to my best friend, Erin Parkes, who was waiting in her car. I climbed in and smiled.

"Hey, Erin." I said and pulled my seat belt over my chest, finally clipping it in. I slumped my bag in the back seat and shot a look at myself in the wing mirror.

"Hey, you okay?" Erin said. I nodded.

"Hey have you coloured your hair again?" I asked. Erin nodded as I examined her blonde-streak-brown hair. It seemed I had forgotten her natural hair colour.

"Where's Kestrel?"

"Kestrel went to school like half an hour earlier. She said she had to do some research on witchcraft." Erin told me, driving off of Clyde Avenue.

"Witchcraft? What's that for, homework?"

"Yup. She said she found some old diaries from her ancestors and apparently, she descended from a long line of witches."

"And she believes it?" I asked.

Erin shrugged, "I don't know. She asked her Mom, and she just avoided it but her Grams said she must choose to believe herself. I'd be way too impatient too that."

"That's a bit confusing." I replied as Erin stopped at some traffic lights. Erin nodded in agreement and the lights turned to green. After five minutes of driving, I could see a crowd walking onto campus.

"I can't believe it's March! Senior year is nearly over in a few months." Said Erin in disbelief.

"I can just imagine us all in graduation outfits!" I laughed. Erin rolled her eyes.

"I can imagine us at college." Erin added.

"Oh please, I'm so not ready for that."

"Here we are," Erin sang as she parked the car. "School, sweet, school."

I realised my seat belt and we escaped from Erin's Volvo. She locked up and we made our way across the crowd of peers that were stood chatting across campus.

"Guys!" A familiar voice shouted from not too far away. Erin and I turned around and caught sight of Cordelia Sparke, waving at us and smiling broadly. Cordelia approached us, accompanied by Kestrel, Nate, Lukas and Leah. The seven of us sat down on the bench.

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