Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


Keaton and I just got in our room by ourselves

He would keep sighing every now and then.

"What's wrong?" I asked while making our big bed.

"Baby...I'm gonna miss you so much tomorrow, and I hope you know I'll be thinking about you," He frowned while holding me in front of the bed.

We spend so much time together, and I never realized it. Every day we hang out and stay at each others houses. My mom was so glad I chose Keaton. She didn't like Wesley, just because to her, he was a bad boy, but I know he has changed.

"I will be too," I said with my arms on his shoulders.

"It's been a while since I have gone a day without you haha," he chuckled a little.

"I know." I smiled and played with his small curls.

"In a few weeks...I'm getting a haircut, every birthday I like to switch it up...will you still love me?" he let a smile out and kissed my neck while squeezing my hands.

"That's the dumbest question in the whole world," I said holding him tight now.

He looked down, laughed, and looked back into my eyes. Glancing at my lips once in a while.

Keats kissed my lips then went down to my neck.

I engulfed in the presence of his kisses, still giving me butterflies.

He felt the goosebumps on my arms and smiled.

"You're still getting those?"

I shook my head.

"Well the love hasn't gone away so why would they?"

"True," he kissed my neck again then my lips. We continued to kiss each other.

"Babe I'm gonna take a shower, then we can continue this," I winked and let go, releasing his warmth from me.

I put some clothes on the bed and a towel in the bathroom.

Shutting the door, I got undressed and went into the shower. The water splashed on me. After a while, I began singing not realizing that I wasn't in my own shower.

"I've never seen a diamond in the flame...I cut my teeth on wedding rings, in the movies. And I'm not proud of my address. In a torn up town. No post code envy." I sang.

I heard a knock on the bathroom door while I was washing my hair.

"Shayla? You sound good," Keaton yelled in.

I laughed.


I continued to wash my hair. When I was done, I wrapped the towel around me and opened the door. Immediately, I became lifted off my feet and spun around. I kept the towel secure on me as he placed me on the bed. I was soaking wet because my hair wasn't fully or properly dried.

"Gotcha baby, I couldn't wait any longer," he kissed my perspirated lips. The white towel was still around me. My goosebumps growing rapidly.

I closed my eyes.

All of the sudden, the thought of the first day that we met appeared in my head. Gosh I hated him so bad. My Tutor was now my most favorite person in the whole world, and I loved him so much.

When I opened my eyes I saw Wesley's face kissing my neck and my lips. I pushed him off as he was forcing himself on me.

"Wesley!" I yelled.

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